Distinguished Fellow
Research field / main research area
-International Security -Japan-U.S. Security Alliance
Research field / main research area
-International Security -Japan-U.S. Security Alliance
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Educational Background

MA (International relation), Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy 1988
BS (Equiv., Applied Physics), National Defense Academy of Japan 1974

Career Background

Distinguished Fellow, JICA Ogata Sadko Institute for Peace and Development, April 2022-present
Professor, Graduate School of International Relations, International University of Japan, April 2015 to present.
Professor, National Defense Academy of Japan, April 2009-March 2015
Commanding General, Ground Self-Defense Force Research and Development Command, August 2006-December 2008.
Vice President, National Institute for Defense Studies, March 2005-August 2006

Major Publications


Noboru Yamaguchi, “The Utility of Nuclear and Conventional Forces in the Second Nuclear Age: A Japanese Military Perspective,” The National Bureau of Asian Studies, Asia Policy 19 (January 2015), pp.21-27.
Noboru Yamaguchi, “US Defence Transformation and Japan’s Defense Policy,” RUSI Journal (Vol 151 No4), Royal Unified Service Institute, August 2006.

(Book Chapter)

Noboru YAMAGUCHI and Shutaro SANO, “The need for Empathy for Japan-ROK-China Security Clements (ed.), Identity, Trust, and Reconciliation in East Asia, Palgrave (2017), pp. 223-250.
Noboru YAMAGUCHI, "An Unexpected Encounter with Hybrid Warfare," Williamson Murray and Peter Mansoor (edit), Hibrid Warfare, Cambridge University Press (2012), pp. 223-253.


Japan Association of International Relation,
Japan Association of International Security
Japan Society for Defense studies
Japan Society for Clausewitz Studies


Special Adviser to the Cabinet, March-June 2011
Member, Group of Prominent Persons for Substantive Advancement of Nuclear Disarmament, 2017-2019