Open Seminar (Hybrid event): “Human Security and Empowerment in Asia: Beyond the Pandemic”

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The first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic brought considerable setbacks to our global development and challenged our understanding of human security. As we managed to rise above these compounded and cascading insecurities, it was equally important to revisit the comprehensive framing of human security by examining the protection-empowerment nexus applied to different vulnerable groups and populations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on this background, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development undertakes the research project, “Human Security and the Practices of Empowerment in East Asia”, which focuses on the unique empowerment narratives of specific vulnerable populations within the Southeast Asian region and Japan.

This book offers fresh insights into the human security concept, presenting substantial learnings in operationalizing human security, incorporating a broad range of complex situations and typologies of actions, as well as protection and empowerment actors (global, national, and local; public and private; community, religious, developmental, and political) from the diverse human security issues experienced and confronted by vulnerable groups and communities. Additionally, the book prompts readers to reconsider the agency of vulnerable populations in navigating the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. This book offers the readers a deeper understanding of human security issues and the means to address them effectively, all while considering the relevance of these issues to their unique circumstances.


-Yoichi Mine, Executive Director, JICA Ogata Research Institute
-Mely Caballero-Anthony, Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
-Sachiko Ishikawa, Visiting Fellow, JICA Ogata Research Institute / Professor, Ritsumeikan University


17:30- 17:35 Welcome Remarks
-Tomomi Orita, Executive Senior Research Fellow, JICA Ogata Research Institute
-Ken Aoki, Professor, Faculty of Economics / Director, Sophia Institute for Human Security

17:35-17:50 Introduction of the Book Project and JICA Ogata Research Institute‘s Works on Human Security
-Yoichi Mine, Executive Director JICA Ogata Research Institute / Book Editor

17:50-18:05 Presentation on “Human Security and Empowerment: Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World”
-Mely Caballero-Anthony, Professor, Nanyang Technological University / Book Editor

18:05-18:20 Overview of the Case Studies in the Book
-Sachiko Ishikawa, Vsiting Fellow, JICA Ogata Research Institute / Professor, Ritsumeikan University / Book Editor

18:20-18:40 Round Table Discussion with Book Editors
Commentator 1 – Kenki Adachi, Professor, Ritsumeikan University
Commentator 2 – Tomoko Shimada, Director, Peacebuilding Office, Governance and Peacebuilding Department, JICA

18:40-19:00 Q&A


JICA Ogata Sadako Peace and Development Research Institute (Attn: Oboshi or Tsuchiya) 


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