【close】COVID-19 Webinar Series #6 "Response to COVID-19 by Public Health Centers in Japan: Contributions and Challenges"


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Moderators and panelists

Dr. YOMO Akihiro, MD, M.Trop. Paed.,(Director of Fukui Prefectural public health center)
Dr. TSURUGI Yoko, MD, (Director of Kikuchi Prefectural public health center)

Dr. TANAKA Go, MD, (Executive Technical Advisor, Human Development Department, JICA)

Primary objectives and outcomes

The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is still not in sight. To overcome the challenges in times of uncertainty, Japan set the goal of "leaving no one's health behind". JICA is taking a holistic approach to addressing the pandemic and health security in our partner countries by focusing on prevention, precaution and treatment. By using this approach, we hope to contribute to the protection of people's lives as the urgent target and build more resilient societies.

In a situation where we don't have the right solution yet, it is imperative to continuously share the latest research findings, as well as practical knowledge and experience gained through practice. The aim of this webinar is to invite distinguished Japanese researchers and clinicians to share their latest knowledge and experience in their respective fields, and to promote each country's efforts in protecting people's lives from COVID-19.

Content of the discussions

In this 6th webinar, two directors of Public Health Centers ("hokenjo" in Japanese) were invited for the guest speakers. Dr YOMO, Akihiro, Director, Fukui Prefectural Public health Center, gave an overview of the public health system in Japan and the role of public health centers, as well as the COVID-19 response during the pandemic in Japan. Dr TSURUGI, Yoko, Director, Kikuchi Prefectural Public Health Center, Kumamoto Prefecture, presented various cases of specific COVID-19 measures at public health centers.

Public health centers are taking the central role in infectious diseases control in Japan. For COVID-19 responses,public health centers are taking the following responses: coordination of PCR testing and responses for clusters or persons who have close contacts with COVID-19 patients, hopitaizations and checking medical conditions for patients. Although, the system of the Japanese public health centers is unique, those functions and operations are also applicable in low and middle income countries.

A total of 354 participants from 47 countries joined the webinar. Many questions were raised, including prevention measures in workplaces or pregnant mothers, any subsidy for COVID-19 patients, vaccination conditions, and transition of public health centers. Both directors emphasized the importance of taking various approaches to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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