Interview with Cedric de Coning, NUPI (video)


"Adaptive Peacebuilding" as a Potentially Effective Approach for Peacebuilding in Conflict Stricken Communities

While conducting peacebuilding activities, we try a range of different options to learn from the process and accordingly adapt, because we don’t know beforehand what will work and what will not, says Cedric de Coning, a senior research fellow of the Research Group on Peace, Conflict, and Development at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI).

Cedric de Coning has named this approach “adaptive peacebuilding,” and he posits it as a potentially effective alternative to the conventional blueprint or top-down practice that has failed over decades of efforts to build peace in conflict stricken communities.

When he visited JICA Research Institute in September 2019, we also sought de Coning’s opinions on the contributions of rising peacebuilding actors and on the role of development agencies toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


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