Background Papers for "World Development Report 2011: Conflict, Security and Development"

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The World Bank’s annual report on development this year focuses on the topic of fragility and violence. The report reveals that, though interstate and civil wars are on decline since the 1990s, at least 1.5 billion people still live in fear of violence, including political violence as well as increasing cases of other types like terrorism, and gangster violence. The report portrays the negative influence of repeated cycles of violence on development of a country or region, and points out that providing “citizen security, justice and jobs” is critical besides the enhancement of legitimate institutions and governance.

JICA-RI were involved in the production of the report from the initial stage, and the main contributions include an input paper by former JICA-RI director Keiichi Tsunekawa and research associate Kohei Yoshida, and an another paper by research associate Ryutaro Murotani and other researchers.

The paper titled “State-Building, Economic Development, and Democracy: The Japanese Experience” discusses how Japan successfully transformed into a democratic and economically developed country after the World War II. Also, Japanese aid experiences in Asian countries are shared in “Top Down and Bottom Up State-building in Fragile Situations: Japanese Aid Experience in Cambodia and Afghanistan” -- the paper which is a modified version of JICA-RI’s working paper No.5.

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April 2011
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Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
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