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International Cooperation Strategies towards Green Growth

This study is designed to seek possible new way of development cooperation to achieve inclusive and resilient sustainable development through Green Growth/ Green Economy. Green Growth/ Green Economy is expected to shift a paradigm from "economic and social development with paying attention to environmental conservation" to "sustainable economic and social development while enhancing environmental capital and using environmental benefits in effective and sustainable manner". There is concern that environmental burden will exceed planetary boundary and our planet will be unsustainable, if developing countries trace the same development path of advanced countries. Furthermore, poor people may face further difficulties to graduate from poverty due to their vulnerability to change of environment such as Climate Change. Thus, development cooperation should be reconsidered its optimal way along with new development paradigm, and this study is expected to contribute to form a new trend of international development cooperation including Post 2015/Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Research area
Global Environment
Research period
2013.07.01 ~ 2017.03.31
Tomonori Sudo
Researchers belonging to JICA Ogata Research Institute

Research results (publications)