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A Study on Urban Air Pollution Improvement in Asia

This study is designed to analyze the cause and the discharge situation of fine particulate matter such as PM2.5 (hereinafter referred to as PM2.5) and to consider air quality improvement policy in the Asian countries where continue the rapid economic growth .
The configuration of PM2.5 are different by the generating process, also, the necessary measures are different. Therefore, generation causes and components of PM2.5 is considered to be different depending on the country or city.
This study analyze the amount of generated and the composition of the Economy, Trade and Industry Structure and PM2.5 in the city and its surrounding area. And with revealing the PM2.5 generation mechanism in the region and other regions, this study proposes a policy to be taken by the government as a countermeasures for PM2.5.

Research area
Global Environment
Research period
2014.07.04 ~ 2018.03.31
KITANO Naohiro、 Hiroshi Takeuchi
Researchers belonging to JICA Ogata Research Institute
NARITA DaijuYAMADA Eiji、 Adachi Ichiro
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