Past Research Projects

Exploring Areas of Potential Sources of Growth for African Economies

The purpose of this research is to identify Africa's potential for economic growth following the financial crisis, focusing not only on structural shifts in the global economy, but also on increases in trade and investment between Asian countries and the African region. The specific method is conducting a macroeconomic analysis of Zambia and Mauritius from the aspects of: (1) reduced transaction costs through improved infrastructure, (2) building technology and technology transfers through China's special economic zone, (3) changes in trade structure, and (4) processes of structural reform (improvement of productivity, shifting labor toward modernized industries, and exporting diversified products). These research findings will be used to assess areas of comparative advantage for African trade in the global marketplace for sustainable economic growth in Africa.

Research area
Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
Research period
2012.04.01 ~ 2012.07.31

Research results (publications)