Past Research Projects

Social Dimensions of the Participatory Irrigation Management in Africa (Social Dimensions of Irrigation Management Systems in Africa)

This research project has two objectives: i) to identify variables that contribute to the evolution of institutions necessary for the sustainable use and management of irrigation facilities and water resources; and ii) to explore the relationship between such institutions and the existing social values, norms and practices. The research will rely on the analytical framework of common pool resources (CPRs) while contextualizing the subject in the social and economic settings of rural Africa. The project intends also to discuss desirable governance structures of irrigation management by delineating the roles of farmers' organizations, the state and the market. It will furthermore propose as policy possibilities, measures to be taken by governments and donors to facilitate establishment of improved governance for sustainable irrigation management in Africa. Past experiences of Japan and other Asian countries will be tapped for purposes of comparison.

Research area
Development Cooperation Strategies
Research period
2008.11.12 ~ 2012.03.31
Atsushi Hanatani (Editor)

Research results (publications)