Past Research Projects

Re-examination of Development policy from happiness study

In recent years, the concept of happiness in development policy in the international community has become large. For instance, the resolution on happiness was adopted by the United Nations' General Assembly in July 2011. Since Professor Easterline pointed out the “paradox of happiness" in 1974, the academic research about happiness has evolved, in particular, in Europe and US. On the other hand, happiness studies in developing countries are not well-developed. From hypothesis that happiness in developing countries may embody diverse cultural and social values, we are going to hear citizens' voices and explore the meaning of happiness in the developing countries. In this research, we have two specific questions: 1) to clarify the definitions of happiness in developing countries, 2) to explore important factors to make people happy. Furthermore, as an outcome of this project, we would like to contribute to the discussion of post-2015 and may examine usefulness of happiness as the concept in development policy.