Past Research Projects

Study on Peace and Development Through Sports

This research aims to clarify the actual effects of development assistance through sports, which has not been sufficiently implemented in development fields such as peacebuilding and gender, which are priority areas for JICA, and to analyze the role that sports play in these fields. Based on the results, it also aims to make recommendations on the future of Japan's international cooperation through sports.

Based on the perspective of 'Sports, Peace and Development', the analysis will focus on social capital in South Sudan, Tanzania and Jordan, including the relationships of trust between the various stakeholders (athletes, spectators and government officials) of the sports assistance under this research, as well as between national and trans-national ethnic groups and between ethnic groups and the state. It is expected that the shared experience of sports will foster a sense of social unity, correct gender inequalities, strengthen cohesion between ethnic groups and in the region concerned, resolve concerns about other ethnic groups, and foster a new sense of community.