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About Thematic Evaluation

JICA conducts the thematic evaluation based on a specific theme, such as region, sector, and assistance methodology, for projects that are relevant to the theme, using an evaluation criteria established for each theme. This includes comprehensive analysis, which extracts trends and problems common to a particular issue or compares projects and categorizes them to extract common features and good practices. Comprehensive analysis and examination of the evaluation results provide recommendations and lessons learned relating to the specific theme. Furthermore, JICA endeavors to develop a new evaluation methodology.

Moving forward, JICA will also conduct evaluations of JICA's cooperation programs, which are strategic frameworks designed to support the achievement of developing countries' mid- to longterm development goals. Taking into account that cooperation programs will be subject to future evaluations, JICA will need to verify from the ex-ante evaluation stage: Whether the goal and indicators for the cooperation program are clearly set; and whether there is a consistent cause and effect relationship between the overall goal of the projects that comprise the cooperation program and the goal of the cooperation program.


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