Science and Technology Cooperation on Global Issues

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In recent years global issues that cannot be resolved by one country or region alone have been on the rise around the world, including global warming, energy and resource issues, the spread of infectious diseases, and the occurrence of natural disasters. Global issues adversely affect people's lives, health and economic well-being all over the world especially those of poor people in developing countries.

In FY2008, JICA launched a program called "Science and Technology Cooperation on Global Issues" as a framework for international cooperation that strives to resolve these global issues. Based upon the needs of and requests by recipient countries, this program aspires to promote international joint research between research institutions in Japan and those in recipient countries in order to obtain new knowledge that is conducive to resolving global issues. It also aims to ensure capacity building of research institutions in developing countries.

There are the following two types of program for "Science and Technology Cooperation on Global Issues", each of which has different cooperation configurations.