Energy and Mining

Energy and Mining

[Goal 7] Affordable and Clean Energy
[Goal 12] Responsible Consumption and Production
[Goal 13] Climate Action

We aim to realize a society in which all people have stable access to affordable, clean energy and resources and can lead affluent lives.

Objectives of JICA Global Agenda

Developed countries have declared carbon neutrality by 2050. Developing countries are aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 or 2070. On the other hand, Developing countries cannot accept carbon neutrality without economic growth. Energy must be affordable. Invasion of Ukraine makes energy supply unstable and expensive. JICA’s goal is to realize both carbon neutrality and stable supply of affordable energy with developing counties while staying close to the country's circumstances.

Focus Areas (“Cluster Strategy”)

(1) 'Energy Transition' cluster.

<Goal> Achieving both carbon neutrality and stable supply of affordable energy
<Target year> 2070 (many developing countries declare carbon neutrality in 2060 or 2070)
<Target sector> Power sector, transportation sector, industrial/housing sector
<JICA's role> JICA will work with partners who agree this global agenda to realize this goal.
<Assumed partners> Developing countries, universities/research institutes, private companies, public institutions, aid agencies, foundations, elementary, junior high and high schools, and individuals.
<Scenario for achieving the goal> Long-term strategies and plans are necessary to achieve carbon neutrality.
・Energy policies and plans are formulated, updated, and implemented.
・Next-generation decarbonization technology will be developed and installed.
・Appropriate dependence on resources and energy supply will be established in legional communities. (AZEC, African Power Pool, etc.)
・Strategic minerals to achieve carbon neutrality will be supplied to the market stably.
・Funds necessary will be invested for policy implementation, capital investment, and technology development.
・The activities in this global agenda will be mede public, and the number of partners and the next generation to agree will increase.

(2) 'Africa Empowerment' cluster.

African Power Pool will be promoted through development of power station such as large hydropower and the extension of international transmission lines so that people in sub-Saharan can access to electricity, and achieve both carbon neutrality and a stable supply of affordable energy. Improving electricity access empower the quality of life. (Multi-sectoral approach that includes education, health, and livelihood improvement.) Policies, systems, and financial mechanisms need to be established for this purpose.

(4) 'KIZUNA' cluster. (Cluster for Smart and Sustainable Mining Development)

We will contribute to the realisation of sustainable mineral resource management through the development of core human resources in the mining sector in developing countries."