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ODA Grants

What are ODA Grants?

ODA Grants are types of financial assistance in which funds are granted to a developing country to support construction works or services such as procuring equipment and materials that are necessary for economic and social development. Since ODA Grants are financial assistance with no obligation for repayment, it targets mainly developing countries with low income levels.

Assistance is given to development projects that are essential in developing countries' nation building, including: construction of hospitals or schools and increasing access to safe water supply to satisfy basic human needs; improvement of irrigation systems to promote development of communities and agricultural productivity; construction of roads and bridges to build socio-economic foundations; building facilities to promote environmental conservation; and developing human resources. In recent years, assistance has also been provided for peace building, developing business environments, disaster prevention and reconstruction after disasters, and measures to cope with climate change. Where necessary, technical guidance for operation and maintenance, etc. (soft components) is also provided, so that the facilities and other systems financed by ODA Grants are sustainably managed.


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