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Visiting FellowPart-time

Educational Background

Bachelor of Education (Ochanomizu Women’s University, 1985)
Master of Education (University of Tokyo) 1987
Ph.D. (University of Tokyo) 1998

Career Background

1992-1993 Political Attaché, Japanese Embassy in UK
1996-2000 Research Fellow, National Institute for Education Policy Research in Japan
2000-2004 Research Fellow, Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education, Hiroshima
2002-2005 Lecturer, Department of Education, Faculty of Literature, Sophia University
2005-2007 Lecturer, Department of Education, Faculty of Human Sciences, Sophia University
2007-2013 Associate Professor, Department of Education, Faculty of Human Sciences, Sophia University
2013-present Professor, Department of Education, Faculty of Human Sciences, Sophia University
2014-2017 Vice President for Academic Exchange, Sophia University
2017-present Vice President for Global Academic Exchange, Sophia University

Major Publications

1. Books 
Sugimura, M. ed. (2017) Cross-border Migration and the Nation-State: Transformation of Civil Society in the Post-Globalization World, Akashi-shoten [in Japanese].
Tanaka, H. and Sugimura, M (2014) Education Sustainable Development and Citizenship Education in the Multi-cultural Societies, Sophia University Press. [in Japanese].
2. Chapters  
Sugimura, M. (2017) “Sustaining Cultural Connectivity between Internationalization and Localization: The Significance of the Liberal Arts Programme in Higher Education”. In Munir Shub and Koo Yew Lie eds. The Role of the University with a Focus on University-Community Engagement, Penervit Universiti Sains Malaysia. pp.122-134. [in English].
Sugimura, M. (2017) “Glocalization and Transnational Education: A New Challenge of Higher Education in Malaysia” in Ishii, K. ed. Sociology of Globalization, Nakanishiya Shuppan, pp.57-66. [in Japanese]
Sugimura, M. (2016) “Higher Education” in Komatsu, T. ed. Education and Development in the Developing World: Searching an Equitable World, Sophia University Press, pp.181-192. [in Japanese]
Sugimura, M. (2016) “Transformation of Higher Education Systems in the Dynamics of Contemporary Globalization: The Case of Japan”. In Collins, C.S., Molly N.N.Lee, John N. Hawkins & Deane E.Neubauer eds., The Palgrave Handbook of Asia Pacific Higher Education, New York, pp.183-194.[in English]
Sugimura, M. (2015) “Circulating Brains and the Challenge for Higher Education in Japan” in Ross Mouer ed., Globalizing Japan: Striving to Engage the World, Trans-Pacific Press, pp.70-92. [in English]
Sugimura, M. (2018) “The Role of UNESCO in Cross-border Higher Education for International Student Mobility”, The United Nations Studies: Movements of Persons and Actions of the UN System, No.19, pp.101-121. [in Japanese]
Sugimura, M. (2018) “Transformation of Educational System of Nation-states in the Era of Globalization: The Issue of Medium of Instruction of Science and Mathematics Education in Malaysia”, Sophia University Studies in Education, No.52, pp.65-77. [in Japanese]
Sugimura, M. (2018) “New Perspective on Internationalization of Higher Education and the Role of Japanese Higher Education: Where do Japanese universities head by internationalisation?” Ryugakukoryu, April, 2018, pp.1-8. [in Japanese]
Sugimura, M. (2015) “Roles of Language in Multicultural Education in the Context of Internationalization” in Educational Studies in Japan: International Yearbook, No.9, Japanese Educational Research Association, pp.3-15.  [in English]
Sugimura, M. (2015) “The Mobility of International Students and Higher Education Policies in Japan” in   Gakushuin Journal of International Studies, Vol. 2, pp.1-19. [in English]
4. Translation
Sugimura, M., Yamato Y., Maeda, M., and Ako, T. (2011) Hikakukyouiku Gaku Kenkyu  (Mark Bray, Bob Adamson and Mark Mason ed. Comparative Education Research, Comparative Education Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong, Springer, 2007) Sophia University Press. 


Japan Comparative Education Society
Japanese Educational Research Association
Intercultural Education Society of Japan
Japan Association for Asian Studies
Japan Society for Intercultural Studies
Japan Society for the Studies of Chinese Overseas


Her book, Educational Policy and the Minority in Malaysia (The University of Tokyo Press, 2000) was awarded Japan Comparative Education Society’s Hiratsuka Memorial Award, 2001.

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