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JICA Ogata Research Institute Monthly Updates (July, 2020)

JICA Ogata Research Institute Monthly Updates (July, 2020)
  July, 2020  
Director’s Message on COVID-19
Paper on “The Potential Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Welfare of Remittance-Dependent Households in the Philippines” Published
The Experts’ Views on Peacebuilding and COVID-19: Addressing Humanitarian Needs and Sustaining Peace Amidst a Global Health Pandemic
Director Ohno Gives a Briefing at the UN Peacebuilding Commission Consultation
Visiting Fellow Purnendra Jain Awarded the Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon of the Order of the Rising Sun
Working Paper No.208:
The Cost Efficiency of Cambodian Commercial Banks: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis
Working Paper No.209:
Remittance Investment Climate Analysis: Framework and Methods to Ascertain the Local Development Potential of Overseas Remittances
Working Paper No.210:
Help-seeking Pathways and Barriers of GBV Survivors in South Sudanese Refugee Settlements in Uganda
Contextualizing the Sustaining Peace Approach in Contemporary Armed Conflicts: From High-Level International Mediation to Pragmatic Peacebuilding Initiatives in Syria
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