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JICA-RI Senior Research Advisor Akio Hosono Attends the APEC Workshop on Facilitating Supporting Industries

October 1, 2014

On September 11 and 12, 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation

     Hosono giving a presentation
(APEC) co-hosted the "APEC Workshop on Sharing Experiences on Developing and Functioning Industrial Clusters for Supporting Industries" in Hanoi, Vietnam. JICA-RI Senior Research Advisor (SRA) Akio Hosono participated in the workshop.


At the 2012 Annual Ministerial Meeting, the APEC Ministers agreed to enhance activities for capacity-building and sharing of best practices for further expansion of trade and integration of economies through the region. Responding to the agreement, the workshop was organized aiming at sharing information and experiences on the development of industrial clusters of supporting industries. In addition to participants from the APEC countries, those of the OECD Development Centre, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) attended the workshop.



Presenters including Hosono (the second from the left)

Hosono gave a presentation titled "Experiences on Developing and Functioning Industrial Clusters for Supporting Industries - Recent Trends of Supply Chain and Supporting Industries: Driving Forces and Enabling Factors" at the session on case studies. Hosono explained the recent expansion of global supply chain as well as value chain of automobile industry by referring the case of Japan. He also highlighted examples of "Detroit of Asia" in Thailand and automobile clusters in Mexico. Hosono, based on these cases, pointed out that globalization of supply chain has changed the structure of supporting industries, increased components of software and wider use of modules.


The cases and experiences from Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Chinese Taipei and other countries are shared in the workshop. In the discussion among participants, some important aspects of industrial cluster development were highlighted, such as consideration of inclusive and sustainable development, typology of clusters, and diverse approaches to develop functioning clusters.


DaySeptember 11, 2014(Thu) - September 12, 2014(Fri)
PlaceHanoi, Vietnam

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