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JICA-RI Senior Research Advisor Akio Hosono Attends the Session at the International Bar Association Annual Conference

October 28, 2014

       Project on Promotion and Capacity Development
       of Professionals for Shipbuilding Industry
       and Offshore Development in Brazil
From October 19-24, the annual conference of the International Bar Association (IBA) was held in Tokyo. The IBA is an organization for legal practitioners, with a membership of around 30,000 lawyers and more than 195 bar associations and law societies around the world. Attracting more than 5,000 participants, the IBA annual conference is one of the most distinguished and important international event for members of the legal profession. The event includes a large-scale exhibition, committee sessions, forums on a wide variety of topics, and receptions. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered the keynote speech at the opening ceremony, which was attended by their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan


JICA-RI Senior Research Advisor (SRA) Akio Hosono participated as a speaker at the session on the topic of “Mining and infrastructure in Latin America,” which was presented by the Mining Law Committee and the Latin American Regional Forum of IBA


The session aimed at sharing experiences of investment in mining and infrastructure development in Latin America, which have been the center of interest by Asian investors in recent years. The session provided an open forum to discuss the future potential, advantages, and challenges of such investments



Environmental study at the Collahuasi Mine

in Chile

Hosono first gave an overview of the unique presence of economic cooperation between Japan and the countries of Latin America. Hosono highlighted the long-term partnership and human resources development as a defining characteristic of this economic cooperation, which contributed largely to the economic growth of the region. For future economic cooperation, he insisted that “quality investment,” in terms of five attributes of growth: inclusive growth, sustainable growth, innovative growth, secure growth and balanced growth, should be pursued. As an example of new initiatives as such, he introduced the case of Brazil. Further, in order to realize quality growth, he explained that quality infrastructure, which emphasizes the importance of resilience to natural disasters, environmental impact, safety, maintainability, costs of not only construction, but also of the whole lifecycle (maintenance cost), is a key for success


At the same session, cases of copper mining development in Chile pursuing environmentally-friendly development and Brazil’s development of deep-sea oil fields were shared. In addition, presentations were given on the analysis of the current infrastructure development in Latin America and its quality. After each presentation, presenters and participants engaged in lively question and answer sessions.


DayOctober 19, 2014(Sun) - October 24, 2014(Fri)
PlaceTokyo, Japan

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