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Activities in Papua New Guinea

Capacity Development Project for Operationalization of PNG Forest Resource Information Management System for Addressing Climate Change

1. Scheme

Technical Cooperation

2. Counterpart Organization

Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA)

3. Project Duration

2014/8 ~ 2019/8

4. Introduction

PNG has the largest tropical rainforest in the Pacific region. It is the third largest rainforest in the world. This project is aimed at assisting in effective management of this vast natural resource, by operationalizing the PNG Forest Resource Information Management System that has been developed under the preceding project ‘The Capacity Development on Forest Resource Monitoring for Addressing Climate Change in Papua New Guinea’ (2011-2014).

The tropical rainforest plays important roles, contributing to the national economy through timber exports, preservation of rich biodiversity and mitigation of climate change. However, PNG's forest area coverage has decreased, and deforestation and forest degradation have been posing serious problems.

In order to address these challenges, JICA and PNGFA collaborated in the 2011-2014 project, combined with the Japanese Grant Aid Program that provided the project with remote sensing data, GIS equipment, and training program for the officers of PNGFA and other relevant government agencies. The project successfully developed the Nation-wide Forest Base Map and the National Forest Resource Information Management System (NFRIMS) - a platform essential to addressing climate change issues, especially in the development of the Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system in PNG.

The new project, starting from August 2014 for 5 years, kick-starts from where the previous project left off. It aims to reinvigorate the capacity of PNGFA so that it can fully operationalise the NFRIMS, including capacities to update and manage forest coverage and stocks on GIS, efficient forest monitoring system, improvement of inter-agency coordination and technical capacity for REDD+ reporting, and development of appropriate training programs.

The major outcomes expected from the new project include carbon accounting, which is one of the indispensable elements to address climate change issues in PNG.

5. Target Provinces

The whole area of PNG

6. The Snapshots of the Project

PhotoMr. Shigeru Sugiyama (right), Chief Representative of JICA PNG Office, and Mr. Kanawi Pouru (left), Managing Director of PNGFA, agreed on the framework of this project. Finally, they concluded the Record of Discussion (R/D) on 27/Mar/14.

7. More Information

8. Recent Activities

9. Project Work

Papua New Guinea Forest Base-Map and Atlas (2019-07-31)

PNG-FRIMS -Main Report-

Fact Sheet


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