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October 10, 2020

Inviting startups to apply for the MonJa Startup Accelerator Program in response to COVID-19

You can download the application form and attachment at the end of this page.

Deadline is 23:59 on November 6th, 2020.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Mongolia-Japan Center (MOJC), and MobiCom Corporation LLC (MobiCom) have announced the launch of the MonJa Startup Accelerator Program for businesses emerging during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Outline of the Program:

The basic outline and flow of the MonJa Startup Accelerator Program is described below.

  1. We (JICA, MOJC and MobiCom) call for business proposals from startups and organizations.
  2. We (JICA, MOJC and MobiCom) select 3 startups by a selection committee.
  3. JICA and startups discuss and sign contract (maximum: USD 30,000/each selected startup) for verifying their business's effectiveness.
  4. We (JICA, MOJC and MobiCom) provide technical support such as mentoring service, lectures and networking events through the Program (6 months) to promote startup's business.

2. Target Applicants:

The MonJa Startup Accelerator Program will target startups and organizations in Mongolia (the details are described below).

The application is open for startups/organizations in all sectors with a specific focus on emerging businesses in COVID-19-related fields including, but not limited to:

  1. Health: Online healthcare support; disease-testing solutions; medical data sharing and privacy protection solutions; distribution of drugs and medical equipment; IoT in the medical field
  2. Disaster management: Geo-tracking during disasters; emergency information dissemination
  3. Business services: Support for remote workers; efficient management/operation of online events
  4. Education sector: Remote learning support
  5. Food and agriculture: Efficient food/commodity distribution technology
  6. Logistics: delivery service, urban mobility management
  7. Other: Substituting imported goods with local innovative technology


  • Both existing business and new idea are applicable for this program.
  • We (JICA, MOJC and MobiCom) may establish the selection committee with outside experts to evaluate proposals under strict confidentiality.

3. Eligibility Criteria:

To take part in MonJa Startup Accelerator Program, startups must:

  1. Be a profit/non-profit organization registered as an independent legal entity in Mongolia.
  2. Have a management team of at least 2 persons.
  3. Proposals from individuals will not be accepted.
  4. Have innovative product(s) or service(s) based on technology (e.g. mobile application) in response or adoptable to the pandemic and post-pandemic society OR have a feasible business plan to create prototypes (Minimum Viable Product (MVP)).
  5. Have no negative credit information (Non-performing loan and tax payment)
  6. Be able to communicate in English.

4. Schedule:

  1. Application deadline: 23:59 on November 6th, 2020
  2. Selection by proposals: Middle November 2020.
  3. Selection by interview with selected startups (in English): Late November, 2020
  4. Decision of startups for the Program: December, 2020
  5. Contract with JICA (From December 2020 to June 2021)
  6. Pitch event: March and May, 2021


  • Basically 3 selected startups can participate in this program. (Number of startups might change based on the selection)
  • We (JICA, MOJC and MobiCom) will request the startups invited to be interviewed to submit additional documents/a pitch deck if necessary.

5. Contract with JICA:

  1. Before making the contract, JICA examines the details of the proposed activity and the validity of the budget (each expense item) and JICA may request the additional documents to determine the detail activity in the contract.
  2. After the contract is signed, startups must submit monthly reports about the KPIs to JICA. (The duration of the contract will be about 6 months.)
  3. In principal, JICA makes full payment after delivery as well as no advance payment at the commencement of the contract.
  4. Upon request from the contractor at the contract confirmation stage, JICA may accept partial payment based on the progress of the proposed activities and the submission of the progress reports and/or the expense report with receipt. In such case, the payment schedule will be determined by JICA.


  • This program is basically provided by JICA, MOJC and MobiCom. However, the contract is expected to be made only between JICA and qualified startup since it is related with financial issue and JICA is responsible for the contract.

6. Technical Support during the Program:

JICA, MOJC and MobiCom provide following services for selected startups:

  1. Providing Mentoring Service and lectures from the view point of business, technology and sectors such as healthcare, education, urban development and so on, during 6 months.
  2. Organizing Business Networking Event
  3. Holding middle pitch event (March 2021) and final pitch event (May 2021).


  • All of the programs are conducted in English.

Submission of Application (English):

Please send following 4 documents to monja@japan-center.mn by 23:59 on November 6th, 2020.

  1. Application form (Maximum file size: 2MB): Download from here:
  2. Pitch deck of your company (Maximum file size: 10MB) *You can use any format.
    *Following items are needed to be included.
    Clear vision, Challenge of COVID-19, Markets, Product or services, Business and Revenue model, Financial projection, Team members, Innovative and unique point, Cooperation and partnership, Motivation and request for the program (What kind of support you need) and Social impact.
  3. Breakdown of cost estimate (Maximum file size: 1MB) : Download from here:
  4. Curriculum vitae (CV) of the responsible person (Maximum file size: 2MB) *You can use any format.


  • All documents should be submitted in English
  • In case you have many businesses (products, services or feasible plan) and would like to submit more than 2 proposals, it is acceptable. However, we would only select 1 proposed business from 1 startup.
  • The proposal should introduce some level of innovation in terms of a business model, a new product or service that can be more actively used, and/or profitability in the current and post COVID-19 era.
  • Proposals should be as commercially-oriented as possible.
  • JICA will support the budget of the activities up to USD 30,000/each selected startup based on the JICA's accounting guidelines, covering expenses associated with the proposed activities including, 1) remuneration of staffs, 2) other expenses, and 3) indirect local tax.
  • JICA's finance is not equity nor debt. However, successful applicants will be obliged to report the progress of their activities, by which JICA will make disbursement.
  • When applying, each company is to submit a business plan with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be achieved within the Program.
  • There is no fee to enroll/apply for the program.

All data and information provided is strictly confidential and will be applied for this Program purposes only.

For your reference, you can download brochure from here:

If you have any questions, please contact with monja@japan-center.mn in English.

Please understand we will not answer any questions regarding selection.


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