JICA Environmental Policy

1. Basic Concept

The greatest responsibility of humanity is to provide a rich and diverse global environment for the future generations.

The increasing scale and diversity of man's activities have resulted in several serious environmental issues, such as global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, air and waste pollution, soil contamination, deforestation, and desertification—all of which risk the future of humanity.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (hereinafter referred to as JICA) is determined to protect our global environment that is extremely vital for the survival of mankind and natural life on earth. It also seeks the balance among environmental conservation, social prosperity, and sustainable development.

2. Basic Policy Guidelines

As stated in the "Law on General Rules of Japan International Cooperation Agency," JICA's mission is to "contribute to the promotion of international cooperation and to the sound development of Japan and the international socioeconomy by contributing to the development or reconstruction of the economy and society, or economic stability of overseas regions which are in the developing stage," particularly to global environmental protection in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Furthermore, in order to prevent and reduce negative environmental impacts that result from JICA's activities, JICA will utilize an environmental management system and shall work continuously to improve it. The system will be based on the following policies:

(1) Promotion of environmental measures through international cooperation activities

Based on the Japanese government's Official Development Assistance (ODA) policies, JICA will promote cooperation activities for the protection and improvement of the environment. JICA will continue to:

  • Promote international cooperation and projects that contribute to environmental protection in developing countries; and
  • Mitigate any adverse environmental impacts of development programs and projects in accordance with the guidelines for environmental and social considerations.

(2) Promotion of activities for general environmental awareness

With the aim of raising public awareness, JICA collects information about environmental issues.JICA will continue to:

  • Carry out promotional and educational activities by introducing JICA's programs on environmental issues;
  • Conduct surveys and research on environmental issues, and develop relevant proposals; and
  • Implement continuous training through seminars and guidance programs for JICA all employees and personnel engaged in JICA's activities.

(3) Promotion of environmentally friendly activities within JICA offices and other JICA facilities

JICA promotes environmental programs to reduce any negative impacts caused by its activities at offices and other facilities. JICA will continue to:

  • Promote waste reduction, resource and energy conservation, recycling; and
  • Procure environmentally friendly products based on the "Law on Promoting Green Purchasing" and other relevant laws and regulations.

(4) Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

JICA will consistently adhere to relevant environmental laws and regulations.

This Environmental Policy will be communicated to all employees and personnel who work in or on behalf of JICA, and also be publicized.

1st October, 2015

Shinichi Kitaoka
Japan International Cooperation Agency

(Translation from the original version in Japanese)