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The President's Activities

February 2, 2017

JICA President Visits Morocco, Meets the Prime Minister and Visits Project Sites

JICA President Shinichi Kitaoka visited Morocco from Jan.16 to 17. During his stay, he held talks with government dignitaries, attended the signing ceremony for a Japanese ODA loan agreement, visited the sites of JICA projects and held discussions with representatives of Japanese companies and other development partners.

photoJICA President Shinichi Kitaoka, left, holds talks with Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, right.

In Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, Mr. Kitaoka held talks with Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, Minister of Economy and Finance Mohamed Boussaid and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Aziz Akhannouch on Jan. 16. Knowing that Morocco plays a geopolitically important role not only in the Middle East and North Africa region, but also for the international community, Mr. Kitaoka emphasized the importance of strengthening the partnership between Japan and Morocco for the stability and inclusive growth of the country. He also touched on JICA’s willingness to continue its support for Morocco on triangular (South-South) cooperation targeting sub-Saharan African countries so as to realize the development of Africa in line with TICAD VI . Each of the dignitaries expressed his appreciation for JICA's 50 years of cooperation and hope for support on the further development of Morocco.

photoJICA President Shinichi Kitaoka, right, talks informally with Aziz Akhannouch, left, Moroccan minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

On the same day, Mr. Kitaoka witnessed the signing ceremony of a 5.37 billion yen loan agreement for the Oceanographic and Fishery Research Vessel Construction Project” between JICA and L’Institut National de Recherche Halieutique (the National Institute of Fisheries Research), with Mr. Boussaid and Mr. Tsuneo Kurokawa, the Japanese ambassador to Morocco, present. The project aims to strengthen the institute’s scientific research capability to sustainably manage marine resources through the construction of a new research vessel.

photoJICA President Shinichi Kitaoka, front center, visits the site of water supply facilities constructed with a Japanese ODA loan.

On Jan. 17, Mr. Kitaoka visited water supply facilities constructed under the Japanese ODA loan project, “Provincial Cities Water Supply Project” in Khemisset, and he confirmed that the facilities contribute to a stable water supply in the targeted region. At the Regional Center for Agricultural Research in Kenitra, he observed the activities of a senior volunteer and saw how Japan's agricultural expertise, including weed extermination techniques, has attracted Moroccan researchers.

photoJICA President Shinichi Kitaoka, right, listens to an explanation of the achievements of JICA volunteers at the Regional Center for Agricultural Research in the city of Kenitra

Mr. Kitaoka also held discussions with representatives of Japanese companies and other development partners settled in Morocco on public-private partnerships and aid coordination, respectively.

To contribute to the further development of Morocco and to foster a better relationship between Japan and Morocco, JICA will continue to cooperate in various fields, including the development of socio-economic infrastructure and the agriculture and fisheries sector, through technical and financial cooperation.

*Triangular cooperation —
Cooperation in which developing country that has advanced in a certain field assists another developing country with a developed country supporting that assistance.


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