External third-party Quality Check of internal ex-post evaluation results

About third-party Quality Check

JICA carries out external third party Quality Check (Third party QC) of internal ex-post evaluation results.

JICA staffs of overseas offices and branches, as well as regional departments in the Headquarters conduct internal ex-post Evaluation. JICA has been trying to establish internal ex-post evaluation system and to enhance the evaluation capacity of the staff through internal ex-post evaluations of nine times since the introduction of the system in FY 2010.

In addition to the above, from FY 2018, an external third party team examines internal ex-post evaluation reports written by internal evaluators (e.g. overseas office) and verify the objectivity and impartiality of the evaluation judgements, as well as the specificity and practicability of the recommendations and lessons learned. The results of the verification are fed back to the evaluators to improve the quality of internal ex-post evaluations in the future.

Third party QC Analysis Reports

* Third party QC Phase 3 conducted in FY 2018 for 52 projects

* Third party QC Phase 2 conducted in FY 2017 for 50 projects

* Third party QC Phase 1 conducted in FY 2016 for 59 projects

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