Japanese Modernization Lecture Series

JICA signed the memorandum of understanding with the Open University of Japan in 2019. Since then, the two organizations have been working to produce the content that serves as learning material on the modern history and development experience of Japan. As part of such efforts, they produced the Japanese Modernization Lecture Series program and began to broadcast it on the BS 231 channel of the Open University of Japan (also known as "BS Campus ex").

This program covers Japan’s modernization experiences from the closing years of the Edo period (1603-1867) to the Meiji period (1868-1912) and thereafter, as well as the nation’s political history and development experience after World War II. JICA President (title as at the time of production) Dr. Kitaoka Shinichi and other prominent experts served as lecturers, introducing all these Japanese experiences with ample historical material.


JICA and the Open University of Japan have produced these series not only for foreigners to learn about Japan, but also for Japanese citizens aspiring to play a part in the international community to better express Japan’s experiences and expertise in English.

Lecture Titles Lecturers (title as at the time of production)
Prologue *
YouTube: JICA Channel
Prologue to "Seven Chapters on Japanese Modernization"
Chapter 1. Meiji Revolution: Start of Full-Scale Modernization (PDF/264KB) Dr. Kitaoka Shinichi, President, JICA
Chapter 2. Rise and Fall of the Party Politics in Japan (PDF/134KB) Prof. Iokibe Kaoru, the University of Tokyo
Chapter 3. Japan after World War II (PDF/316KB) Prof. Tanaka Akihiko, President, GRIPS
Chapter 4. Economic Growth and Japanese Management (PDF/265KB) Prof. Itami Hiroyuki, President, International University of Japan
Chapter 5. Educational Development in Modernization in Japan (PDF/259KB) Dr. Kayashima Nobuko, Senior Vice President, JICA
Chapter 6. From ‘Japan and Asia’ to ‘Japan in Asia’ (PDF/261KB) Dr. Shiraishi Takashi, President, Prefectural University of Kumamoto
Chapter 7. A Japanese Approach to International Cooperation (PDF/263KB) Prof. Kato Hiroshi, International University of Japan
Chapter 8. Intellectual and Social Aspects of Modernization in Japan (PDF/427KB) Prof. Matsuda Koichiro, Rikkyo University
Chapter 9. Modern Japan and the Wars Part1 (PDF/506KB) , Part2 (PDF/327KB) Dr. Kitaoka Shinichi, President, JICA
Chapter 10. Japan and Modern International Law (PDF/249KB) Prof. Kanehara Atsuko, Sophia University
Chapter 11. Modernization of Japan’s Administrative System (PDF/188KB) Prof. Makihara Izuru, the University of Tokyo
Chapter 12 Development of Industries and Industrial Policy(PDF/245KB) Prof. Okazaki Tetsuji, The University of Tokyo
Chapter 13 Modernization in Japan-The Fiscal and Monetary Field(PDF/568KB) President Watanabe Hiroshi, Institute for International Monetary Affairs
Chapter 14 The Road to a Nation of Science and Technology(PDF/452KB) Dr. Hasegawa Mariko, President, The Graduate University of Advanced Studies
Chapter 15 Public Health and Health Systems in Japan a Historical Review(PDF/268KB) Emeritus Prof. Aoyama Atsuko, Nagoya University