【close】COVID-19 Webinar Series #7 "To Realize Unknowns About COVID-19 Vaccines"


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Moderators and panelists

Dr NAKAYAMA, Tetsuo MD, PhD in Medicine,(Project Professor at the Kitasato University, Omura Satoshi Memorial Institute, Tokyo)

Dr ISONO Mitsuo MD, PhD (Visiting Fellow, JICA Ogata Research Institute)

Primary objectives and outcomes

The end of the COVID-19 pandemic remains out of sight. To overcome challenges in these times of uncertainty, Japan set the goal of leaving no one's health behind. JICA is taking a holistic approach to address issues related to the pandemic and health security in partner countries by focusing on prevention, precaution and treatment. Using this approach, it hopes to contribute to the protection of people's lives as the urgent target and build increasingly resilient societies.

In a situation where appropriate solutions are lacking,continuously sharing the latest research findings and the knowledge and experience gained through practice is imperative. Thus, this webinar invites distinguished researchers and clinicians in Japan to share the latest knowledge and experience in their respective fields and promote the efforts of each country in protecting people from COVID-19.

Content of the discussions

In this seventh webinar, Prof.NAKAYAMA gave an overview of the latest situation regarding vaccination of COVID-19 vaccination. He presented the infection mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2, the characteristics of the new nucleotide-based vaccines, and the efficacy and adverse events of various COVID-19 vaccines, among others. A total of 494 participants from 68 countries participated in the webinar. Many questions were raised, such as antibody responses after vaccines, vaccination for people previously infected with COVID-19, concerns for third doses of COVID-19 vaccines, and vaccination for children. Prof.NAKAYAMA emphasized the importance of the appropriate understanding of science and scientific evidence for COVID-19 vaccination.

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