Past Research Projects

Impact Evaluation of Scale Up of Small and Medium Enterprises through Training on Managerial Capital

With increasing awareness of the importance of managerial capital as a significant factor of economic growth, "KAIZEN", which is Japanese style management approach, has gained much attention in recent years. However, the number of empirical research on managerial capital is still limited. The objectives of this research is to measure the capacity of facilitators trained by the Project for Capacity Building of Facilitators on Improving Productivity and Quality for Small and Medium Enterprise in Central America and Caribbean Region, as well as to identify promoting factors affecting capacity building. It also intends to examine the impact of KAIZEN on productivity of enterprises.

Research area
Development Cooperation Strategies
Research period
2014.01.01 ~ 2015.03.31
Go Shimada
Researchers belonging to JICA Ogata Research Institute

Research results (publications)