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Annual Evaluation Report 2017

Annual Evaluation Report 2017

Cover: Annual Evaluation Report 2017Annual Evaluation Report 2017 (PDF/2.93MB)

  • Index (PDF/2.97MB)
  • Preface (PDF/3.00MB)
  • Part I Operations Evaluation System of JICA (A4: PDF/2.14MB, A3: PDF/1.37MB)
    • JICA's Operations Evaluation System
    • Pre Implementation Stage (Ex-ante Evaluation) /Post Implementation Stage (Ex-post Evaluation)
    • Comprehensive and Cross-Sectoral Evaluation and Analysis / Impact Evaluation
    • Advisory Committee on Evaluation
    • Efforts to Improve Operations Evaluation
  • Part II Ex-post Evaluation Results (A4: PDF/9.52MB, A3: PDF/7.96MB)
    • Overview of the Ex-post Evaluation System
    • External Evaluation Results for FY2016
    • List of Ratings for External Evaluations
    • External Evaluation: Highlights
    • Measures for Projects Evaluated as Having Issues
    • Collaboration with Experts for Operations Evaluation
    • Internal Evaluation Results for FY2016
  • Part III Utilization and Learning of Evaluation Results (A4: PDF/3.46MB, A3: PDF/3.14MB)
    • Identification and Analysis of Lessons Learned
    • Efforts to Improve Evaluation Methodology
    • Process Analysis
    • JICA's Efforts in Promoting Impact Evaluation
    • Statistical Analysis on External Evaluations
  • Reference

    * The materials below are available on the website only.

  • Full Version (A4: PDF/19.4MB, A3: PDF/15.7MB)


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