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Ex-post Evaluation


Country Type of Cooperation Project Title Year of Evaluation (FY)
Bangladesh (1) Project Human Resources Development in Reproductive Health (HRDRH) (PDF/46KB) FY2007
Bangladesh (1) A Pilot Project on Prevention and Control of Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Diseases FY2002
Bangladesh (2) The Project for Construction of Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters (Phase3) FY2002
Bangladesh (2) The Project for Modernizing, Rehabilitation and Expansion of Chandnighat Water Treatment Plant FY2002
Bangladesh (2) The Project for the Construction of Portable Steel Bridges for Rural Roads FY2002
China (1) Project for Studies on Chinese Plantation Wood (PDF/105KB) FY2007
China (1) China Mineral Resources Exploration & Research Center (PDF/66KB) FY2006
China (1) Enhancement of Agricultural Extension System Project (PDF/95KB) FY2006
China (1) Project for Beijing Municipal Education and Training Center for Fire Fighting and Prevention (PDF/61KB) FY2006
China (1) China Housing New Technology Research and Human Resource Training Center FY2003
China (1) Improving the Flood Control Command System of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of China FY2003
China (1) The Clinical Medicine Education Project for the China-Japan Medical Education Center FY2003
China (1) The Research Center for Water Pollution and Water Re-Use FY2002
China (1) China Laboratory Animal Scientists and Technologists Training Center FY2002
China (1) National Science Committee: Computer Software Technology Training Center FY2002
China (1) Forestry Development Project in Fujian Province of China FY2002
China (1) Dalian China Energy Conservation Training Center Project FY2001
China (1) Tianjin Pharmaceutical Inspection Center Project FY2001
China (1) Shanghai Modern Molding Technology Training Center Project FY2001
China (2) Provision of Medical Equipment for Maternal and Child Health in Nanjing FY2001
Indonesia (1) Regional Development Policies for Local Government (PDF/90KB) FY2007
Indonesia (1) Higher Education Development Support (HEDS) Project FY2005
Indonesia (1) The Project for the National Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled People FY2005
Indonesia (1) Irrigation Engineering Service Center Project (IESC) FY2004
Indonesia (1) The Integrated Agricultural and Rural Development Project in Southeast Sulawesi Province FY2004
Indonesia (1) The Dairy Technology Improvement Project the Republic of Indonesia FY2004
Indonesia (1) The Agricultural Statistic Technology Improvement and Training Project FY2004
Indonesia (1) Project for Improvement of District Health Services in South Sulawesi FY2004
Indonesia (1) The Project to Enhance Education and Training of Industrial Safety and Health FY2003
Indonesia (1) The Veterinary Drug Control Project FY2002
Indonesia (1) The Fundamental Technology Transfer Project for Production of Live Attenuated Measles and Poliomyelitis Vaccines FY2002
Indonesia (1) CEVEST Vocational Training Development Project, Bekasi FY2002
Indonesia (1) The Project of Modernization of Perumka's Education and Training System in Jabotabek FY2002
Indonesia (2) The Project for Strengthening District Health Services in Sulawesi FY2002
Indonesia (2) The Project for Development of the Urban Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting System (Phase III) FY2002
Indonesia (2) The Project for Construction of the Tropical Disease Center of Airlangga University, Surabaya FY2002
Indonesia (1) The Project for Development of Vocational Rehabilitation System in the National Rehabilitation Center for Physically Disabled People FY2001
Indonesia (2) The Project for Equipment Supply to TV Training Center FY2001
Indonesia (1) The Academic Development of the Graduate Program at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Institute Pertanian Bogor FY2001
Indonesia (1) The Telephone Outside Plant Construction Center Project FY2001
Laos (1) The Forest Conservation and Afforestation Project (FORCAP) Phase II (PDF/62KB) FY2007
Laos (4) JICA Training Program (Agriculture) (PDF/36KB) FY2001
Malaysia (1) Strengthening of the Food Safety Programme in Malaysia (PDF/64KB) FY2007
Malaysia (1) Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute Project In Malaysia (PDF/60KB) FY2007
Malaysia (1) Project of Technology Related to Processing of Feed Based on Agro-Industrial By-Products of Oil Palms in Malaysia (PDF/72KB) FY2007
Malaysia (1) The Project on Risk Management of Hazardous Chemical Substances FY2004
Malaysia (4) Third Country Training Program (PDF/48KB) FY2001
Mongolia (1) Maternal and Child Health Project FY2006
Mongolia (2) Rehabilitation Project for the Improvement of the 4th Thermal Power Station in Ulaanbaatar (Phase2) FY2002
Mongolia (2) Project for Upgrading of Meteorological Observation and Forecasting System in Mongolia FY2002
Myanmar (1) Irrigation Technology Centre Project Phase II (PDF/127KB) FY2007
Nepal (1) Tuberculosis Control Project, Phase II FY2003
Nepal (1) Medical Education Project FY2002
Nepal (1) The Natural Water Fisheries Development Project FY2002
Nepal (2) The Project for Modernization of Tribhuwan International Airport FY2002
Nepal (2) Project for Construction of Sindhuli Road (Section 1: Bardibas-Sindhuli Bazar) FY2002
Pakistan (1) Genetic Resource Preservation and Research Laboratory (PDF/176KB) FY2007
Pakistan (1) Project on the Geoscience Laboratory in the Geological Survey of Pakistan FY2002
Pakistan (2) The Project for Improvement of Educational Equipment for the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad FY2002
Pakistan (2) Project for Improvement of Medical Equipment for the Bolan Medical College at Quetta FY2002
Pakistan (2) Project for Improvement of Garbage Collection and Disposal in Rawalpindi City FY2002
Pakistan (2) Project for Construction of Bridges in the Northwest Frontier Province FY2002
Pakistan (2) Project for Improvement of Environmental Conditions in Quetta City FY2002
Pakistan (2) Project for Exploitation of Groundwater in the Province of Punjab FY2002
Philippines (1) Cebu Socio-Economic Empowerment and Development (Cebu-SEED) Project (PDF/197KB) FY2007
Philippines (1) Environmental and Productivity Management of Marginal Soils in the Philippines (PDF/190KB) FY2007
Philippines (1) Upgrading Project for Plastic Molding Tool Technology (UPPMTT) FY2005
Philippines (1) Capacity Building Project for Environmental Management in Mining FY2005
Philippines (1) The Project on Electrical and Electronics Appliances Testing FY2005
Philippines (1) Bohol Integrated Agriculture Promotion Project (BIAPP) FY2005
Philippines (1) Training Services Enhancement Project for Rural Life Improvement FY2003
Philippines (1) National Center for Transportation Studies Project FY2002
Philippines (1) National Construction Productivity Development Project FY2002
Philippines (1) Diversification Crops Irrigation Engineering Project (Phase II) FY2002
Philippines (1) The Philippine Software Development Institute Project FY2002
Philippines (2) The Project for the Rehabilitation of the Balara Water Treatment Plant FY2002
Philippines (2) The Emergency Rehabilitation Project for Typhoon-damaged Water Supply System in Leyte FY2002
Philippines (2) The Project for Improvement of the Training Equipment for the Productivity Skills Capability Building for Disadvantaged Women Phase II FY2002
Philippines (2) Project for the Improvement of Educational Facilities Phase 3 FY2002
Philippines (2) The Project for Improvement of Health System for the Province of Benguet FY2002
Sri Lanka (1) Project for Nursing Education in Sri Lanka FY2006
Sri Lanka (1) Japanese Technical Cooperation Project for Dental Education at University of Peradeniya FY2006
Sri Lanka (1) Quality Improvement of the Textile and Clothing Products in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka FY2003
Thailand (1) The Reforestation and Extension Project in the Northeast of Thailand (Phase II) (REXII) (PDF/284KB) FY2007
Thailand (1) SIC-Tool and Mold Technology Development Project in the Kingdom of Thailand (PDF/268KB) FY2007
Thailand (1) Capacity Building on the Development of Information Technology for Education (ITEd) (PDF/240KB) FY2007
Thailand (1) The Project for Strengthening of National Institute of Health Capabilities for Research and Development on AIDS and Emerging Infectious Diseases FY2006
Thailand (1) The Study on Pasture Seed Production Development Project in Northeast Thailand FY2006
Thailand (1) The Project on Strengthening of the National Institute for the Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment (NICE) FY2005
Thailand (1) The Railway Training Center Project FY2005
Thailand (1) Project for Model Development of Comprehensive HIV/ AIDS Prevention and Care FY2005
Thailand (1) The Project on Research Center for Communication and Information Technology (ReCCIT), King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang (KMITL), The Kingdom of Thailand FY2005
Thailand (1) The Project to Enhance the Capacity of the Faculty of Engineering at Thammasat University FY2003
Thailand (1) Project on Testing and Inspection Technology Upgrading for textile and Garment Products FY2003
Thailand (1) Productivity Development Project FY2003
Thailand (1) The Training Center for Sewage Works FY2003
Thailand (1) The Industrial Property Information Center FY2003
Thailand (1) Research Project for Higher Utilization of Forest and Agricultural Plant Materials in Thailand FY2004
Thailand (1) Technical Cooperation for The National Computer Software Training Center FY2002
Thailand (1) Thailand-Japan Technical Cooperation Project for Training in the Distribution Automation System (DAS) FY2002
Thailand (1) The Chiang Mai University Plant Biotechnology Research Project FY2002
Thailand (1) The Research Project on the Quality Development of Fishery Products FY2002
Thailand (1) The Project for Development of Department the Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering at Pathumwan Technical College FY2002
Thailand (1) The Project for Development of Agricultural Research (Phase 2) in Northeast Thailand FY2002
Thailand (1) The Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health Project FY2001
Viet Nam (1) Project on Viet Nam Information Technology Training Institute (VITTI) FY2006
Viet Nam (2) Project for the Improvement of Water Supply Facilities in Gia Lam Area, Hanoi City FY2002
Viet Nam (2) Improvement of Primary School Facilities Project (Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4) FY2002


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