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Social Security

JICA Activities

Based on Japan’s knowledge and experience in social security systems, JICA is undertaking projects aimed at improving the social security systems of developing countries, focusing on the three areas of social insurance and social welfare, assistance for persons with disabilities, and labor and employment.

1. Social Insurance and Social Welfare

JICA supports the development of social insurance systems such as health care security and income security (including pensions), as well as strengthening social welfare policies for the elderly and the others. There is a great need for people to study Japanese know-how in Japan so this knowledge can be used when creating social insurance systems that reflect the economic and social characteristics of their home countries. JICA continues to provide cooperation by inviting key personnel at government ministries associated with social insurance systems to visit Japan to attend a training courses and exchange opinions with people involved with social insurance.

2. Support for Persons with Disabilities

Even though support for persons with disabilities is generally considered as a part of social welfare services, JICA views persons with disabilities not simply as recipients of welfare services but also as important actors of development. JICA's ultimate goal is to build a society that is comfortable to live in for all people, regardless of disabilities. JICA aims at realizing the "full participation and equality" of people with disabilities in developing countries, with emphasis on support that ensures active participation of persons with disabilities in society. JICA is working to empower persons with disabilities through leadership trainings and strengthening capacities of disabled people's organizations, as well as creating barrier-free environments.

3. Labor and Employment

In addition to support for the development of policies for labor and employment, JICA provides support in such fields as occupational health and safety and job placement services.

In developing countries, in contrast to the achievement of economic development, legal frameworks and enforcement of such legislation in the field of occupational health and safety tend to be underdeveloped, resulting in a significant increase in labor accidents. When workers who have been injured at work cannot receive adequate compensation, they lose their source of income and face the risk of immediately falling into extreme poverty. Labor accidents also pose a great risk not only to laborers and their families, but also to employers and to society. As a result, employment problems have become a serious issue worldwide in recent years.

JICA is providing support primarily in Asia for the improvement of occupational health and safety and job placement services.


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