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Standard Bidding Documents

Standard Bidding Documents

The Borrowers of Japanese ODA Loans are responsible for carrying out the procedure, and in principle, International Competitive Bidding is applied. JICA sets Standard Bidding Documents for various types of goods and services and requires the Borrowers and the Executing Agencies of ODA Loans to use the latest version of the Standard Bidding Document for smooth implementation of these procedures.

English Version

(October 2019)

(October 2012)

(October 2019)

(Application of JICA Standard Safety Specification (JSSS), October 2019)

*The modified points according to the application of JSSS are highlighted.

(October 2012)

(October 2019)

(October 2012)

Plant Design, Supply and Installation
(May 2021)

(February 2013)

Design Build
(May 2021)

(Application of JICA Standard Safety Specification, May, 2021)

*The modified points according to the application of JSSS are highlighted.

(July 2015)

* If GC of Design Build (July 2015) is required, please contact below.

(May 2021)

(May 2013)

Small Works
(May 2021)

(April 2013)

Loan Procurement Policy and Supervision Division, Infrastructure Engineering Department
E-mail: lppsd@jica.go.jp


  • LOI: Letter of Invitation
  • DS: Data Sheet
  • GCC: General Conditions of Contract
  • SCC: Special Conditions of Contract
  • IFP: Invitation for Prequalification
  • IFB: Invitation for Bids
  • BDS: Bid Data Sheet
  • GC: General Conditions
  • PC: Particular Conditions


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