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Knowledge Co-Creation Program (KCCP) for Young Leaders

About the Program

The KCCP for Young Leaders is a cooperative program, aimed at human resource development for future generations, designed to provide basic program to young people from developing countries in Asia, Africa, South America, Pacific regions and the Middle East. Participants in the program learn about Japan's experience and technologies in the specialized fields that will be required for the future development of their own country.

Program goals

  1. To provide participants with Japanese know-how concerning the basic technologies and systems used in the relevant fields.
  2. To teach participants about history, experience and cultural/social background of development in Japan.
  3. To enhance participants' knowledge and awareness of matters that will contribute to efforts to resolve problems they will encounter in the development of their own country.

Main fields of program

The main fields of program is as follows. The program is open to young people in each field in each country.

  • Education
  • Health
  • Disaster risk reductin
  • Governance
  • Social security
  • Information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Energy and mining
  • Private sector development
  • Rural development
  • Natural Environmental conservation
  • Fisheries
  • Urban/regional development
  • Environmental management


Program structure

The program lasts about 18 days in total, and it is basically structured as follows:

A few days Pre-departure Orientation in each country
This orientation is held in JICA overseas office in each country.
Participants learn the overview of the program in Japan, prepare for the program, and study the related fields with the program
3days Orientation in Japan
Participants learn the basic information that they will require for their stay in Japan, as well as an overview of Japan (or an overview of the relevant fields in Japan)
13days KCCP program and evaluation session
Participants attend lectures, discussions and visit related facilities. On the last day of the program in Japan, an evaluation session is held to review the program and to get the feedback from the participants.
2days Closing ceremony/Departure

History of the KCCP for Young Leaders

JICA's involvement in KCCP for Young Leaders began with the launch of its Youth Invitation Program in 1984. Through this program, young people in developing countries who would go on to play an active role in the development of their home countries were invited to Japan in order to deepen their insights through the understanding of Japan and lectures of their own field, and to deepen mutual understanding through an exchange with Japanese youths of the same generation. At first, the program was open only to ASEAN counties. Now, as the number of countries participating in the program increased, the program is open to the countries in Asia, Pacific regions, Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, and Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2007, the program was reorganized and re-launched as "KCCP for Young Leaders" with an emphasis on the acquisition of the specific knowledge required to resolve issues arising in the development of the participating countries.

Number of countries and participants in the KCCP for Young Leaders

Year No. of Countries No. of Participants
2007 99 1,622
2008 106 1,464
2009 108 1,430
2010 109 1,460
2011 110 1,117
2012 115 1,027
2013 107 1,025
2014 110 921
2015 109 934
2016 116 923
2017 106 913
2018 105 783
2019 109 547


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