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Activities in Algeria

List of training courses for JFY 2022

The list of "Knowledge Co-Creation Program (KCCP)", "Training for Young Leaders" and "Country- Focused Training" scheduled for Japanese fiscal year 2022 (April 2022 to March 2023) are as follows:

KCCP (Group and Region-Focused Training)

  1. Countermeasures Against Cybercrime
  2. Cattle Management for Milk Production Aiming at Improving Food and Nutrition Security
  3. Appropriate Management of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid/Semi-Arid Regions
  4. Soil Diagnosis and Improvement Technology for Sustainable Agricultural Production
  5. Disaster Risk Reduction of Buildings
  6. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management on Infrastructure (River, Road and Port)
  7. Global Seismological Observation
  8. Seismology, Earthquake Engineering and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation
  9. Small and Medium Enterprise Development Policies
  10. Quality and Productivity Improvement (Basic KAIZEN)
  11. Renewable Energy in Grid -Mainly on Photovoltaic-

Training for Young Leaders

  1. Agricultural and Rural Development (Agricultural Policy and Technology)

Country- Focused Training

  1. Co-Management of Small-Scale Fisheries through a Participative Approach
  2. Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Conservation


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