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Japan ODA 60th Anniversary


While JICA operations in the Philippines started only in 1974, the road to friendship through Japan official development assistance began in 1954 when Japan joined the Colombo Plan that was earlier formed–originally by and for British Commonwealth nations–to facilitate cooperation and assistance to developing countries.

As Japan's economy strengthened in the 1970s and became one of the world's leading industrialized nations, its role as a source of development aid to many developing countries likewise grew. In1989, Japan became the world's top donor nation.

The Philippines is among the countries that has benefitted immensely from Japan's assistance and cooperation programs–from infrastructure, health care, education, food security, and capacity-building of many government agencies. In the process, it improved and enhanced the lives of millions of Filipinos throughout the archipelago.

In 2014, Japan's cooperation activities in the Philippines reach an important milestone, the celebration of its sixty years existence in the Philippines.

As Japan celebrated 60 years of friendship and cooperation with Philippines, it gave tribute to its partners in advancing development causes in the country. Specifically, the event aimed to:

  1. gather JICA counterparts, the Embassy of Japan, special guests and other stakeholders to celebrate the successes of a long-lasting cooperation of Japan and Philippines;
  2. promote the impacts of Japan ODA's contributions to the socio-economic development in the Philippines; and
  3. promote 60 years of Japan ODA in the Philippines, particularly among the youth, the academe, and government institutions.

JICA Philippine Office carried-out several events to celebrate its 60th ODA Anniversary. A commemorative magazine and video were also produced to highlight the many valuable outputs of the 60 years of friendship and cooperation between Japan and Philippines.

More information on the Anniversary events may be found via the links:


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