Message on JICA Sustainability Report 2023


— Realizing a Sustainable World —

In recent years, the global situation has been changing rapidly and became more unpredictable, with climate change, loss of natural resources, widening economic disparities, and conflicts occurring simultaneously and becoming more prolonged. Between June and August 2023, the global average temperature was the highest ever recorded. The effects of climate change and other global issues are now familiar to many people with a real sense of urgency. Under these compounding crises, the most impacted are the already-vulnerable populations in developing countries. At a time when achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 is at stake, we must continue to promote sustainability in order to pass on a sustainable society to future generations.

Pursuant to Japan’s new Development Cooperation Charter, JICA will extend cooperation based on the mission of human security that underpins JICA projects: ensuring all people can live with dignity and free from fear and want. We also aim to achieve sustainable quality growth thereby reducing inequality and protecting natural environments. As the agency responsible for implementing Japan’s development cooperation in 139 countries and regions around the world (fiscal 2022), I believe that JICA has an extremely important role to play in promoting sustainability given the wide range of issues we cover.

In order for JICA to perform its role to the best of its ability, we will continue to review at the organizational level and work tirelessly for change while incorporating global trends. As one step in this direction, JICA has strengthened its organizational structure over the past year by establishing the Sustainability Committee and the Office for Sustainability Management. We have also formulated the JICA Sustainability Policy, which includes specific goals such as achieving carbon neutrality of the organization by 2030 and implementing all new projects in a manner aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Through this Sustainability Report, JICA aims to further strengthen dialogue with our various partners by communicating quantitative data and the progress we have made in achieving our objectives and initiatives.

For JICA, sustainability efforts are an integral part of our mission. Under the vision of “Leading the world with trust”, JICA will continue to work for the realization of a sustainable world. We will forge a common vision towards the future by further strengthening the relationship of trust established through close cooperation with developing countries.

November 2023
TANAKA Akihiko
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

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