【close】COVID-19 Webinar Series #8 "How Can We Rapidly and Efficiently Optimize the Best Therapeutic Management for COVID-19?–Utilizing an International Adaptive Platform Trial, REMAP-CAP–"


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Moderators and panelists

Dr SAITO Hiroki (MD, MPH, Associate Professor at St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Japan)
Dr Diptesh Aryal (MD, the National Coordinator for Nepal Intensive Care Research Foundation and Nepal ICU Registry, Nepal)
Dr Madiha Hashmi (MD, Professor and Chairperson at the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Ziauddin University, Karachi, Pakistan)

Dr ISONO Mitsuo (MD, JICA Senior Advisor, Japan)

Primary objectives and outcomes

The end of the COVID-19 pandemic remains out of sight. To overcome challenges in these times of uncertainty, Japan set the goal of leaving no one's health behind. JICA is taking a holistic approach to address issues related to the pandemic and health security in partner countries by focusing on prevention, precaution and treatment. Using this approach, it hopes to contribute to the protection of people's lives as the urgent target and build increasingly resilient societies.

In a situation where appropriate solutions are lacking,continuously sharing the latest research findings and the knowledge and experience gained through practice is imperative. Thus, this webinar invites distinguished researchers and clinicians in Japan to share the latest knowledge and experience in their respective fields and promote the efforts of each country in protecting people from COVID-19.

Content of the discussions

In this eighth webinar, Dr. SAITO, Dr. ARYAL, and Dr. HASHMI presented a way of finding the optimal therapeutics for COVID-19 using REMAP-CAP (A Randomized, Embedded, Multifactorial, Adaptive Platform trial for Community-Acquired Pneumonia), a pandemic-responsive global research platform. REMAP-CAP is a global collaborative research platform that aims to find the optimal therapeutics for severe community-acquired pneumonia including COVID-19, at a very early stage. During the session, the speakers explained the usefulness of adaptive platform research in infectious diseases crises and discussed the significance of collaborative clinical research including low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) by introducing REMAP-CAP initiatives in Japan, Nepal, and Pakistan.

A total of 264 participants from 43 countries participated in the webinar. Several questions were asked, such as how to participate in REMAP-CAP, budget resources for participation in REMAP-CAP, the advantages of being a part of an international trial in the context of COVID-19, how to select appropriate interventions for each country, and the best training methods for understanding adaptive platform research. All the speakers emphasized the importance of the future development of clinical research through multilateral cooperation by utilizing such global research platform.

*Adaptive platform research: A study in which the content of the intervention is modified as needed based on the data collected after the start of the study.

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