Past Research Projects

From Summits to Solutions: Innovations in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals(The Brookings Institution and JICA-RI collaborative Research)

After a year of summits and consensus building during 2015, attention is turning to implementation of the ambitious pledges by United Nations (UN) member states under the auspices of “Agenda 2030.” The oft-repeated refrain “business-as-usual will not suffice” has not yet been replaced with a positive agenda of what needs to be done under a global framework of voluntary commitments to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Building on previous successful collaborations, which have included the publication of Catalyzing Development (2011), Getting to Scale (2013), and The Last Mile (2015), JICA and the Global Economy and Development program at Brookings plan to undertake a collaborative research effort to articulate new thinking and ideas—frontier issues—to advance implementation of Agenda 2030.

The volume will not be comprehensive, given the complex and broad scope of the SDGs, but selected. Rather, the work program will add value by drawing on authors with very different networks.

The volume will be edited by JICA Senior Vice President Hiroshi Kato and two Brookings Institution fellows, and JICA officials write parts of the volume.