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Agricultural and Rural Development

SHEP Approach


SHEP Approach and Its Expansion


Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment & Promotion (SHEP) Approach have developed in Kenya through technical cooperation project by JICA which started from 2006 and succeeded in increasing farmers' income. SHEP is an approach which realizes "Market-Oriented Agriculture" and converts farmers mind from "grow and sell" to "grow to sell". In Kenya, with this approach, the project achieved doubling income of 2,500 smallholders only within 2 years (2007-2009).

JICA has set the wide implementation of the SHEP Approach to countries throughout Africa as one of the pillars of Agricultural cooperation in Africa. In this page you will see how SHEP has been expanding.

SHEP Projects in the World


"For Family Happiness! Market-oriented Agriculture and the Improvement of Quality of Life"

Fighting between rebels and the government army in the Northern Region in Uganda has continued for over 20 years, and many children have been abducted and turned into child soldiers. This has caused the displacing of more than 90% of the Acholi people who have had to spend time in camps as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Since the cease fire agreement was made between the Government of Uganda and the rebel group in 2006, many reconstruction projects have been implemented. However, agricultural productivity is still low, and the poverty rate still remains at over 40%, which is very high. Amidst these circumstances, the Northern Uganda Farmers' Livelihood Improvement Project (NUFLIP) was started in November 2015 as a 5-year project.

Teaching Materials & Public Relations

We developed SHEP teaching materials and various PR matters such as SHEP game, YouTube channel.

PhotoWhat does it take to make money in agriculture? "Fun Fun Farming!" is a free app that lets users think about this question while they play an entertaining game.

PhotoWe took our on-site experiences with technical cooperation in the agriculture and rural development sector and attempted to both analyze them and translate them into explicit knowledge based on theories of psychological motivation—a critical part of the SHEP approach.

PhotoLatest SHEP PR Video is now on YouTube updated in September, 2017.

- (YouTube) JICA-Net multimedia-based Learning Material SHEP Approach


- SHEP Handbook for Extension Staff


This handbook is based on practical experience applying the SHEP approach to extension activities. It was made with a mind to provide those engaged in extension work with something that they can implement immediately.

JICA SHEP Facebook


We regularly post information about projects that have used the SHEP approach on our official Facebook page. If you're interested in getting this information, simply click the "like" button on the JICA SHEP Facebook page to register. You will need to create a login ID in order to get full access.

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