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Introduction Elements of Customer Service into Administration of the University

Ms. Felicitas Moyo
Research Affiliations Officer, Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies, University of Zambia


  • Course Title: Management of Human Capacity Development Programs 2007, Group Training
  • Implementing Partner: Career Research Laboratory,SFC Research Institute & Faculty of Policy Management,Keio University
  • Organizer: Tokyo International Center (JICA TOKYO)

I am in charge of overall administration of the affiliations scheme in the university, including affiliations to all schools and research units. I also assist the Assistant Director in terms of research seminars and research board meetings as well as human resource management. The university has been facing some difficulties, such as low motivation of academic staff resulting in teaching quality issues. The JICA training program "Management of Human Capacity Development Programs" helped me enhance my knowledge on human resource development and organizational management.

What impressed me the most is the unique way in which Japan has developed its own knowledge and system. Through the postwar reconstruction period and high economic growth period, Japan has combined the Western knowledge with Japanese culture, which generated the original knowledge, system and approaches. I think new knowledge adapted to culture leads to strong development of a country. Some companies, Nissan, Kuroda and JMA, inspired me to have ideas about human resource development.

Upon returning to my country, I would like to engage myself in two issues, utilizing what I learnt in Japan: (1) increase of motivation, especially of academic staff and (2) increase the awareness of university staff about provision of education. Graduate students in the university need to be more recognized by their professors and lecturers. Because of lack of recognition, graduate students tend to lose their motivation for their works. In addition, in the university, because lifelong employment is guaranteed, the motivation of academic staff for providing high quality of education is low. I think that we need a new mind-set like business mind, and break out of the old shell. It means that we need to offer service of education, attach the value to customers (students), and collaborate with others for the quality of service (education). Some challenges that I concern are financial issues and people's mind/attitudes. People cannot change their values easily, but I believe that we can improve the current situations utilizing human resource development and organizational management strategies.


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