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January 6, 2021
InterviewInterview on the Impact of COVID-19 with Research Fellow Yamada Eiji
December 15, 2020
InterviewODA, Japan and Europe in the Post-COVID World: A Dialogue With Distinguished Fellow Marie Söderberg
November 16, 2020
Comment[Blog] Significant Impact of COVID-19 on Household Level in Yangon: A Study on Further Support Based on a Survey in South Dagon Township, Yangon
November 4, 2020
Comment[Blog] Can Society Turn Adversity Into Opportunity?—Searching for Answers in the Kaizen Movement Under the Coronavirus Pandemic in Africa
August 31, 2020
Comment[Blog] Social Capital in a Time of ’Social Distancing’: A Reflection on the Impact of COVID-19 on Our Social Connections
August 28, 2020
InterviewInterview on the Impact of COVID-19 on Peacebuilding Research with Research Fellow Rui Saraiva
July 22, 2020
InterviewInterview on COVID-19 with Principal Research Fellow Makimoto Saeda
October 10, 2019
InterviewInterview with Cedric de Coning, NUPI (video)
August 23, 2019
InterviewInterview with Chris Dolan, Refugee Law Project (video)
November 1, 2018
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 43 - Interview with Research Fellow Eiji Yamada
March 16, 2018
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 42 - Interview with Research Fellow Kengo Igei
October 4, 2017
InterviewInterview with Wah Wah Maung, Myanmar Central Statistical Organization (video)
October 4, 2017
InterviewInterview with Haishan Fu, Director, Development Data Group, the World Bank (video)
September 25, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 41 - Interview with Research Fellow Mai Seki
September 1, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 40 - Interview with Research Fellow Chigumi Kawaguchi
July 26, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 39 - Interview with Akio Hosono, Senior Research Advisor
January 4, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 38 - Interview with Research Fellow Yuriko Kameyama
December 9, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol.37 - Interview with Research Fellow Oscar A. Gomez
November 30, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 36 - Interview with Senior Research Fellow Hiroaki Shiga
October 11, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 35 - Interview with Deputy Director Nobuko Kayashima

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