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  September, 2016  
David Hulme Explains Why Helping the Poor Is the Right and Wise Thing to Do
Research Outcome of “An Interdisciplinary Study of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers,” Presented at the KOICA-JICA Forum on International Volunteering

David Hulme, the University of Manchester

'Why Should Rich Nations Help the Poor?'
Working Paper No.131 Estimating China's Foreign Aid II: 2014 Update
Working Paper No.132 Altruism or Exchange? Experimental Evidence on the Motives behind Private Transfers in Sri Lanka
Working Paper No.133 Examination of Poverty in Northern Mozambique:A Comparison of Social and Economic Dimensions
The relations and division of labor between the human concepts -- human development, human rights, human security

Date & time:
  18:30 - 20:00, Monday, September 5, 2016
  JICA Ichigaya Building, Tokyo
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