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JICA-RI Monthly Updates (March, 2017)

  March, 2017  
Recipients’ Ownership is an Important Factor to Overcome Fragmentation of Aid, says Stephan Klingebiel, DIE, at a Joint Seminar
Implications of Empirical Research for a Shift of Cambodian Economy Away from Dollar Presented by Research Fellow Ken Odajima
Linking Humanitarian Aid and Development Aid: A Lively Discussion With Julia Steets and Other Experts
International crisis response has changed from charity to reciprocity, asserts JICA-RI Research Fellow Oscar A. Gomez.

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, distinguished fellow (professor of The New School, U.S)

'Normative Framework of Japan’s ODA'

Working Paper: No.138.Does a Rural Road Improvement Project Contribute to Inclusive Growth? - A Case Study from Bangladesh
Working Paper: No.139.Twin Peaks: Japan’s Economic Aid to India in the 1950s and 2010s
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