JICA Research Institute


Environment and Development / Climate Change

Resource and environment governance is increasingly an important issue, as the sharing of public space expands with economic globalization and as interest-driven conflicts over public resources escalate. JICA-RI studies conflicts which arise among stakeholders in developing countries over basic public resources in order to ultimately create a blueprint for future support on environmental concerns. On the other hand, environmental deterioration and destruction on a global scale are major threats to human life. Climate change in particular looms, threatening developing countries through droughts and floods. Low-income groups in developing countries are the most vulnerable to these "natural" disasters, as they tend to live in hazardous marginal areas, both urban and rural. JICA-RI studies measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation suitable for developing countries, utilizing the latest natural sciences knowledge and methodologies, and JICA's own accumulated experiences and data acquired through its development assistance activities.

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