JICA Ogata Research Institute

Research Activities

Global Environment

In many developing countries, environmental problems such as waste disposal, water pollution, and air pollution are becoming more serious than ever with the progress of economic development, population growth and urbanization. Climate change is also a threat to the stability and prosperity of all the countries of the world and to human security. However, many environmental problems are caused by a combination of complex factors, and it is difficult to find short-term solutions. In addition, the issues often need to be examined, taking account of various aspects such as the scientific analysis of environmental problems and climate change, the design of legal systems, and the implementation of policies. Therefore, it is important to consider how to address environmental problems and climate change in developing countries, and to conduct research based on experience and data obtained from the field of development cooperation while incorporating the latest knowledge and methods accumulated in the field of natural science.

Under these circumstances, this research cluster is studying economic methods for adaptation to climate change and methods for environmental impact assessment in project development. Furthermore, to achieve the SDGs, we have begun research in preparation for policy recommendations on the environment and climate change for ASEAN countries.

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