JICA Ogata Research Institute

Global Environment

Many developing countries face worsening environmental problems, such as inappropriate waste disposal, water and air pollution, along with challenges related to economic development, rapid population growth and urbanization. Climate change is one of the most significant challenges of our time, posing a severe threat to human security, stability, and prosperity across our societies. Addressing climate change is indispensable for achieving sustainable development. On the other hand, as these environmental issues involve complex factors, it is difficult to find quick solutions. While various countries are working to address global environmental issues, they face a range of challenges, including the need for scientific analysis of key problems, design of legal systems, and policy implementation. Such analyses are indispensable not only for individual countries but also for realizing sustainable development. We aim to provide a blueprint for JICA’s future environmental cooperation, utilizing the latest knowledge and methodologies in natural sciences, as well as JICA's own experiences and data accumulated through its development cooperation activities.

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