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November 26, 2019

JICA PRESS September 2019, at JICA Mundi

"A Syrian Refugee Student will join Japanese Companies!"

The Japanese Initiative for the future of Syrian Refugees (JISR) provides educational opportunities in Japanese graduate school for young Syrians, whom their opportunities to study have been deprived due to the Syria crisis.

Nineteen students arrived in Japan as the first batch in August 2017. One of them is Mr. Alzein Mohamad. He was admitted to Soka University's Graduate School of Engineering to study cutting edge technology in Information Systems Science and will complete his master's course this September. He decided to look for a job in Japan because of the protracted crisis in Syria, and has been offered a job by Change Inc., where he will start working from this October.

Wishing Syria to find peace again, JISR continues to support fostering human resources to strengthen the mutual friendship between Syria and Japan.

"The reason why I applied for a job at Change Inc. was that the company has a great vision to integrate drone technology into people's everyday life. I would like to learn how the company works closely with clients, to reflect their needs in the software development. Also, as an engineer, I would like to contribute myself with drone technology and programming skills that I learned at the university." (Mr. Alzein Mohamad, Soka University, Graduate School of Engineering, Information Systems Science)

"Great Hope on Him who has a Unique Background"

by Mr. Hiroshi Fukudome, President of Change Inc.

"What I remembered the most during the interview with Mr. Alzeinis that he wishes to use drone technology for peace-building. Unfortunately, technology has been utilised as a weapon in history of war. In addition to his high-level expertise, having heard from him, whose country has experienced the technology used as a weapon, his hope and determination to lead Syria's reconstruction through his research in technology to contribute to people's happiness, we strongly felt empathy towards him and decided to welcome him to work together.

We believe that the strength of a company depends on the diversity. Company's new values are defined by people's various backgrounds and experience, regardless of nationality and gender. It may not be easy for students living in a peace country such as Japan to have a vision to use a drone technology for peace-building.

We talk with him to work together on tourism and the revitalization of local economy in Japan through drone technology. We hope him to shine at Change Inc., and with his experience, we want him to be a bridge between Syria and Japan."


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