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Activities in Colombia

Project for the Support of Entrepreneurship and Employment for the Household of Demobilized Ex-Combatants and Recipient Communities in Colombia

Background and Objective

As Colombia has been in a continuous state of civil war for the past 40 years, it is important to “encourage soldiers in unlawful organizations to desert and reintegrate into society”. Providing assistance to soldiers who desert as well as the families who take them back in is recognized as a vital step toward this effort. To assist the social reintegration of deserting soldiers from the mid- and long-term perspective, they are being provided with support in starting businesses and finding employment to increase the income.

Project Summary

Participating agencies are analyzing the profiles of target demographics and carrying out surveys on what sort of trainings required by deserting soldiers. With these results they are providing the appropriate training courses for starting up businesses and seeking employment. These efforts are providing new opportunities to create employment and income for the families and communities that welcome deserting soldiers back in as well as facilitating the social and economic reintegration of the soldiers and their families. Assistance is also provided for micro and small enterprises to course trainees for smooth operation after the training is complete. Government agencies and private companies provide assistance finding employment as well as supplemental trainings as needed.

Project Highlights

Basic training courses such as starting a business, cooperative associations, seeking employment, personal computer training and others are being offered to deserting soldiers and their families. More advanced courses are available as well -- procedures to own a store and accounting for whom wishes to open a store, and resume writing and business manners for whom is seeking an employment.

  • Record of Discussions signed on: September 11, 2007
  • Total Amount of Cooperation: 158 million yen
  • Executing Agency: The High Council for Social and Economic Reintegration of Armed Persons and Groups


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