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Activities in Colombia

Improvement of the Nutritional Condition of the Vulnerable People Including Internal Displaced People through Urban Agriculture Strengthening Project

Background and Objective

Colombia has been in a state of continuous civil war for the past 40 years among leftist guerilla organizations, extreme right paramilitary groups and the national military. As a result, farmers and the socially disadvantaged in outlying areas have become “internal refugees,” some one hundred thousand of which have fled to the capital of Bogotá. Many of the refugees have found their way to San Cristóbal, one of the districts of Bogotá. Technologies shall be disseminated through technical development and community empowerment, and it is aimed at improving nutrition conditions among residents in the target region.

Project Summary

Under this project, the staff of Bogotá Botanical Garden provided trainings to enhance their cultivation techniques as well as their community work skills. Efforts are also underway to spread knowledge and technology of urban agriculture through drafting educational materials. The scope of the project goes beyond activities with Bogotá Botanical Garden. Supports are also provided to strengthen community capacity and organizations. It also conducts collecting and analyzing information regarding projects conducted by the residents and formulation of nutrition improvement project run by the residents.

Project Highlights

In order to expand urban agriculture and to build community organizations, guidance and workshops for community empowerment utilizing participatory local social development (PLSD) method are held on a regular basis targeting residents and staff members at Investigation and Training for the Improvement of the Potential Uses of Cold Climate Andean Vegetables and Exotic Species through the Urban Cultivation Project.

  • Record of Discussions signed on: January 26, 2006
  • Total Amount of Cooperation: 96.923 million yen
  • Executing Agency: the Bogotá Botanical Garden


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