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Press Release


June 22, 2023 JICA and DOH upgrade Philippine pandemic response via national health lab network
June 21, 2023 JICA’s cooperation with DOH, DA-BAI, LGUs and academia toward Rabies-free future in the Philippines
June 13, 2023 Japanese firm shows farmers in Pampanga how to prosper from mulberry tea production
June 12, 2023 JICA and Japanese firm tie up with Pasig City to elevate PH elderly care services
May 31, 2023 JICA scholarship program backs HR development in Philippine mining sector
May 26, 2023 JICA-DPWH flood control project in CDO as boost to climate resiliency - Save the lives!
May 18, 2023 JICA Business Matching Event sparks interest from approximately 800 Philippine participants, stirs up further collaboration between Philippines and Japan
May 11, 2023 JICA supported bridge in Nueva Ecija brings benefits to upland farmers and markets
May 10, 2023 Join the JICA Philippines Demo Day (May 10th 1PM via online)
May 10, 2023 JICA-DA vegetable value chain project eyed to curb rising food prices and unstable food supply
May 8, 2023 Japanese company brings new garlic cultivation and processing tech in Ilocos Norte
April 27, 2023 JICA and OCD work hand in hand for further disaster management with LGUs against climate change
April 4, 2023 Philippines, Indonesia and Japan lead efforts in blue carbon conservation to address climate change
April 3, 2023 Legazpi city teams up with Japanese company to boost agri using waste-to-fertilizer tech
April 3, 2023 Filipino researchers highlight science-based policies on flood disasters and water resource management in Laguna Lake
April 3, 2023 Young Filipina geologist takes cue from Japan's volcano forecasting


March 27, 2023 Transit-Oriented Development: the way to go for improved urban living experience!
March 22, 2023 Young Filipino leaders in healthcare undergo training in Japan to innovate elderly care in the Philippines
March 22, 2023 Farmers in Dumaguete to receive dairy innovation support from JICA volunteer
March 10, 2023 New ground receiving station using space technology in Iloilo is paving the way for short-term weather forecasting accuracy in the Philippines
March 9, 2023 Cebuanos benefit from 2-B Japanese Yen grant from JICA for septage management
March 2, 2023 JICA values sustainable forestland management in Iloilo in tandem with various stakeholders such as DENR, LGUs and communities, towards better livelihood
February 20, 2023 PAGASA weather specialists take cue from Japan's extreme weather forecasting
February 20, 2023 JICA-DENR forestland management project highlight partnership with communities to mitigate climate change and disaster risks
January 30, 2023 JICA President Tanaka visits the Philippines, one of the most important partners of JICA, reiterates further support to Japan-Philippine strategic partnership
January 30, 2023 JICA President Tanaka reaffirms full and unwavering support to Bangsamoro people; considers new cooperation to boost Bangsamoro's peace and development
January 30, 2023 JICA launches Japanese technology in Las Piñas City that cleans up debris from rivers
January 9, 2023 JICA champions mainstreaming of disaster education in Philippine schools
December 28, 2022 UP researchers visit Japan to improve Philippine water disaster plan
December 27, 2022 JICA volunteer returns to Japan with fond memories and learnings from Iloilo
December 22, 2022 JICA and DA gears up to implement vegetable value chain improvement project
December 20, 2022 PAGASA experts take lessons from Japan on weather observation systems to enhance disaster preparedness for PH
December 7, 2022 JICA builds pool of Filipino young experts in space technology to further PH innovation in development
December 2, 2022 Waste cooking oil turns to Sustainable Energy in Boracay by Innovative Japanese technology
December 2, 2022 Toward a safer Philippines! - JICA, DOH, DA-BAI, RITM and LGUs team up for rabies-free society
December 20, 2022 MMDA, LGUs and partner agencies set out Five-Year Action Plan to mitigate traffic congestion in Metro Manila under JICA's Technical Cooperation
November 28, 2022 JICA's "Last One Mile Support" for broader COVID-19 vaccinations even in the most remote area
November 7, 2022 JICA leads the world in development studies and contributes to global sustainable development
November 4, 2022 JICA introduces market-oriented agri approach from Kenya to the Philippines
October 21, 2022 JICA cites capacity building of BARMM execs to boost good governance, reduce poverty in Bangsamoro
October 21, 2022 JICA reiterates support to Bangsamoro to boost job creation, peace building amid COVID-19 recovery
October 21, 2022 Japan to welcome new batch of Filipinos pursuing JICA scholarship programs
October 21, 2022 JICA hails pledge of 149 partner people's organizations to protect Philippine forests
October 21, 2022 JICA volunteer recalls Filipino kindness, returns to Iloilo to help PWDs
October 21, 2022 JICA, DENR improve accessibility of rural upland farmers to spur economic activity and help conserve forests
October 20, 2022 JICA mission to PH highlights cooperation with DA to boost Philippine agri sector
October 20, 2022 Living in disaster-prone Philippines, young Filipino scientist investigates clouds to predict extreme weather via studies in Japan under JICA's program
October 12, 2022 JICA celebrates 20 years of human resource development collaboration with Philippines
September 15, 2022 New JICA-DENR bridge in Ifugao shines hope on upland farmers
September 5, 2022 JICA expands support to Bangsamoro People
August 17, 2022 JICA launches first ever digital math textbook in local language to help close the gap in PH math education
August 17, 2022 JICA volunteer chef on a mission to share cooking techniques to tech-voc students in Pasig
August 12, 2022 JICA ICT volunteer starts to lend a hand to state university in Cavite
August 12, 2022 JICA scholarship program celebrates milestone, sends 20th batch of Filipino scholars to Japan
August 5, 2022 JICA supports Filipino start-up company in finding investors
August 1, 2022 Filipina scholar in Japan emphasizes the role of seagrass in boosting climate change resilience of PH coastal systems
August 1, 2022 JICA-DENR partnership on forestry helps sustain watershed management and efforts of upland communities in PH
August 1, 2022 JICA unites with Filipino in times of disasters, sends crucial supplies to quake-hit North Luzon
July 20, 2022 JICA volunteers back in the Philippines to boost two nations' closer ties
July 4, 2022 Japanese and Filipino scientists see ocean of opportunity to fight climate change via coastal resources conservation
June 23, 2022 JICA volunteers RETURN to Philippines after two-year interval
June 23, 2022 A new and resilient JICA-funded Clarin Bridge in Bohol fully opens to traffic
June 20, 2022 JICA champions safer life for Filipinos via partnership with DOH on disease surveillance and resilient public health system
June 15, 2022 JICA & NEDA sign JPY 1.8B grant to boost socioeconomic infra, create jobs for prosperity and stabilization in Bangsamoro
June 15, 2022 JICA and DOH inaugurates modern treatment and rehabilitation facility to support drug dependents' way to a better life
June 13, 2022 JICA: Coast guards' new 97-meter MRRV crucial in national and regional maritime safety
June 13, 2022 JICA calls for holistic recovery through guide books for COVID-19 generation
June 8, 2022 Going beyond the scholarly: JICA eyes collab with former Filipino scholars and trainees in Japan under JICA programs to boost friendly ties and development cooperation with Philippines
May 30, 2022 JICA signed technical cooperation agreement on disaster-proof mountainous roads in PH
May 16, 2022 PCG's first 97-meter multi-role response vessel commissioned in Manila under JICA's cooperation
May 11, 2022 Japanese company introduces coating material for quake resilience of Philippine buildings
April 27, 2022 JICA's comprehensive contribution to the Philippines' COVID-19 pandemic response
April 18, 2022 JDS symposium displays Filipino scholars' expertise on Philippine contemporary development issues
April 13, 2022 JICA, DENR turns over new agroforestry infra to Nueva Vizcaya to enhance sustainable forest conservation and promote inclusive growth
April 13, 2022 JICA trainee from PDEA receives recognition for her paper on curbing community drug problem


March 29, 2022 JICA provides PHP46 million worth of equipment to RITM to boost Philippine COVID-19 recovery
March 29, 2022 First train cars for North-South Commuter Railway Project (Malolos-Tutuban) unveiled
March 25, 2022 JICA names new chief representative in the Philippines
March 9, 2022 PH Solid Waste Management Commission and Japanese government develop manual to promote safe disposal, healthy environment
March 4, 2022 JICA, Philippines step up cooperation in maritime security, inspect new largest coast guard vessel from Japan
March 4, 2022 JICA donates vital equipment for COVID-19 response in Philippines
February 18, 2022 JICA to train Filipino engineers on disaster resiliency in building along coasts
February 16, 2022 Japanese baseball team holds online training, gives sporting goods to Filipino youth in Mindanao
February 16, 2022 JICA reassures commitment to support the "Project of the Century" in the Philippines
February 9, 2022 JICA, NEDA sign JPY329-M grant to boost human resource development in Philippines
February 9, 2022 Book on Filipino scholars in Japan launched, cites scholars' role on robust Japan-Philippine relations
February 9, 2022 JICA, DENR turn over P67.5-M agri infra to Nueva Vizcaya LGUs to boost livelihood, mitigate climate change
February 9, 2022 Filipino start-ups win top awards in JICA accelerator program, lure Japanese investors
February 4, 2022 JICA trains agri-business owners in Bangsamoro, other conflict-affected areas in Mindanao on raising productivity, marketing amid challenges
January 31, 2022 JICA to provide JPY885 million cold chain equipment and logistics to boost Philippine pandemic recovery efforts
January 21, 2022 Project to address food security issues in PH via improvement of vegetable value chain begins
January 21, 2022 P18-M agroforestry support projects in Nueva Vizcaya completed
January 5, 2022 New phase of Pasig-Marikina River Channel Improvement Project starts; to prevent extreme flooding
January 5, 2022 Typhoon Odette-hit areas in Negros tap Japanese technology to purify drinking water
January 5, 2022 Filipino scholars in Japan return to Philippines, vows to ‘give back' to society
December 22, 2021 JICA offers sympathy to typhoon victims in the Philippines
December 20, 2021 Despite pandemic, JICA continues support to peace building in Bangsamoro via power distribution project
December 15, 2021 Newly-rehabilitated irrigation systems in Ilocos to help farmers recover growth
November 26, 2021 CLSU, JICA move to promote sustainable farm management of banana, cacao to boost PH food security
November 19, 2021 JICA shares new ODA Map in Philippines featuring multi-sector cooperation projects
November 12, 2021 JICA holds first 60-second video contest in Philippines
November 8, 2021 3 Philippine start-ups qualify in JICA accelerator program, find opportunities in Japanese market
November 5, 2021 Filipina talents in energy sector to train in Japan under JICA scholarships
November 5, 2021 JICA supports next generation leaders in energy sector in Philippines
October 29, 2021 Rapid test kits for rabies launched in PHL
October 13, 2021 Completed Marawi Transcentral Road project to help revive economic activities - JICA
October 7, 2021 JICA backs boosting farm income in PH via vegetable value chain project with DA
October 1, 2021 Flood risk protection project in Cavite inaugurated
September 17, 2021 JICA affirms commitment to capacity building of PH maritime sector
September 6, 2021 JICA looking for Filipino startups to join accelerator program, access Japanese market
September 6, 2021 JICA, DAR wrap up agrarian and agriculture development project in Mindanao
August 24, 2021 Philippines receives 10 B yen from JICA post-disaster stand-by assistance as support to pandemic response
August 18, 2021 JICA, Philippines boost cooperation in space technology via scholarships in Japan
August 6, 2021 JICA, Philippine and Japanese institutions research to enhance flood management in Philippines
August 6, 2021 Philippines launches first 94-meter Multi-Role Response Vessel to boost maritime security
August 6, 2021 Newly rehabilitated irrigation system in Pampanga to help boost food security as COVID-19 lingers
August 5, 2021 JICA affirms support to saving watersheds in the Philippines to alleviate poverty, boost disaster resilience
August 2, 2021 JICA turns over P185 million agroforestry infra to farmers in the regions
August 2, 2021 Disaster preparedness app empowers folks in Benguet to become more resilient when disasters strike
July 19, 2021 Irrigation project in Pangasinan seen to boost agriculture amid COVID-19 pandemic
July 16, 2021 JICA welcomes progress on arterial road bypass; cites infra role in cutting traffic congestion, economic recovery
July 12, 2021 JICA, PAGASA team up to enhance Philippine standards in forecasting rains, floods
June 14, 2021 JICA continues support to Marawi via rehabilitation of Marawi Transcentral Road III
June 11, 2021 Philippines receives 20B yen in third tranche of JICA Post Disaster Stand-by Loan to boost pandemic recovery
June 2, 2021 JICA supports initiative on life skills development for children in conflict with the law amid COVID-19
May 28, 2021 JICA helps boost PH data management, telemedicine on COVID-19 with equipment support to RITM
May 17, 2021 Former Japanese volunteer chose to live in PH, help dairy sector
April 23, 2021 Composting facility in Bicol inaugurated to support farmers, promote sustainable waste management
April 23, 2021 Teachers in Cebu use lessons from disaster management project to promote disaster education
April 15, 2021 Young Filipinos from government attend JICA courses on disaster management to help PH pandemic recovery
April 14, 2021 JICA teams up with local health institutions to boost disease surveillance in PH to fight rising COVID-19 cases


March 18, 2021 Filipino, Japanese scientists use drones to assess impact of river discharges to underwater vegetation
February 19, 2021 Japan's Yomiuri Giants, JICA hold virtual training of youth athletes in Mindanao amid COVID-19
February 11, 2021 Equipment for underground excavation for Metro Manila subway arrives
February 5, 2021 JICA, DENR team up with farmers to manage forestlands, mitigate flood hazards
February 5, 2021 Portions of Central Luzon Link Expressway project completed despite pandemic
February 2, 2021 First Train Set of the 4th Generation LRVs for LRT-1 arrive in PH
January 6, 2021 JICA announces second disbursement of Post Disaster Standby Loan Phase 2 to aid typhoon recovery in Philippines
January 6, 2021 JICA: Credit risk database project with BSP offers bright spot for SME financing amid COVID-19
December 23, 2020 PCG steps up maritime security efforts via construction of new JICA-assisted PCG flagship vessels
December 23, 2020 JICA, DAR turn over PHP 105-M infra projects for Mindanao to cushion COVID-19 impact to farmers
December 18, 2020 Japanese company finds niche in ready-to-eat rice for changing lifestyle from COVID-19, disaster emergencies
December 10, 2020 JICA cites role of agri in economic recovery from COVID-19; supports rehab of river irrigation system in Quezon
December 4, 2020 19 Filipino graduates under JICA scholarship return to PH government service
November 27, 2020 JICA cites role of disaster recovery in economy, announces training program in Japan for Filipinos
November 10, 2020 JICA sees Filipino scholars sent to Japan as change makers in post COVID-19 economic recovery
October 30, 2020 JICA continues support to enhancing Philippine disaster management capacity despite pandemic
October 27, 2020 JICA's Post Disaster Standby Loan Phase 2 released to step up Philippine recovery efforts against pandemic
September 23, 2020 Training launched to promote stress and anxiety management to benefit Filipino children in residential care facilities
September 18, 2020 JICA announced JPY 50-billion Post-Disaster Standby Loan Phase 2 to PH economy amid COVID-19
September 7, 2020 JICA, MILG hold survey to assess impact of coronavirus in BARMM, help economic recovery
September 4, 2020 JICA, Japanese non-profit group ACTION supply hygiene kits to child care facilities in Philippines during pandemic
August 20, 2020 JICA's COVID-19 emergency assistance released to step up recovery efforts by the Philippine Government against pandemic
August 14, 2020 JICA shares Japanese expertise on disaster management with PH as typhoon season arrives
July 22, 2020 Philippines to receive additional support from JICA to aid fight against COVID-19
July 13, 2020 Amid typhoon season, JICA-DPWH flood control project eyed to mitigate flooding, boost business in Mindanao
July 6, 2020 To help preserve coastal ecosystems, mitigate disasters, Filipino, Japanese researchers propose a new mangrove vegetation index to map mangroves
July 6, 2020 JICA, Philippines sign JPY 50 billion COVID-19 crisis response emergency support loan to address health crisis
July 3, 2020 Scholarship in Japan pushes Filipino DILG official to champion stakeholder collab in gov't
July 3, 2020 JICA lauds Filipino trainees of Philippine Railway Institute at first virtual graduation event
June 19, 2020 JICA continues support to PH infra to help boost economy amid pandemic
June 12, 2020 JICA, DPWH ongoing road projects seen to boost Marawi rehab
June 4, 2020 Local farmers adopt marketing technology from Japanese NGO for sustainability
May 29, 2020 JICA lauds PCG efforts in COVID-19 response using vessels from Japan
May 22, 2020 Filipino takes lead in lake conservation using training in Japan
May 22, 2020 JICA appoints new chief representative in the Philippines


March 18, 2020 Japanese volunteers remain key part of Japan's ODA to support development in provinces
March 10, 2020 JICA underscores role of coastal management in boosting PH disaster resiliency
March 6, 2020 47 subprojects turned over to farmers in Mindanao under JICA, DAR cooperation
February 18, 2020 JICA sends 19 young Filipinos to Japan for agribusiness, agri-tourism training
February 13, 2020 PCG to step up maritime patrol with new vessels from Japan
February 4, 2020 Two students from Mindanao's conflict-affected area win first JICA video blog contest
February 3, 2020 JICA helps affected communities by Taal Volcano disaster
January 30, 2020 Filipino teacher from Iloilo joins other nationals learning from Japan's education system
January 27, 2020 JICA assures support to strengthening disaster resiliency of PH by sharing Japan's knowledge on disaster management
January 7, 2020 JICA, DOH train health professionals on new drug patient treatment and rehab
December 26, 2019 JICA road network project seen to boost peacebuilding in Mindanao
December 24, 2019 JICA, BOI project to boost job creation in PH via support to industry-academe collab, start-ups
December 19, 2019 Young Filipino trainee from DAR studies Japan's agri to benefit dragon fruit industry in Sultan Kudarat
December 19, 2019 PhP86 million agroforestry infrastructure inaugurated under 10-year JICA-DENR Forestland Management Project
December 19, 2019 La Trinidad finds new way to attract foreign tourists with help from young Japanese
December 11, 2019 Filipino engineering teachers take cue from Japanese universities on bridging gap between academe, industry
December 6, 2019 P189-million JICA-assisted irrigation rehab project in Luzon to help boost agri in PH
December 5, 2019 JICA, DENR forest conservation project in PH critical watershed areas in the upswing
November 20, 2019 Pilot project on Japanese technology on TB diagnosis in PH completed
November 15, 2019 Filipino start-ups pitch to Japanese investors
November 5, 2019 Japanese nurses help fill gap in maternal and child health care in Eastern Visayas' rural areas
November 1, 2019 JICA video blog contest challenges young Filipinos to share their voices on Philippine-Japan relations
November 1, 2019 JICA backs collaboration of ASEAN universities in engineering research, education
October 29, 2019 JICA supports 8 ongoing road projects in Philippines to help boost connectivity, investments
October 10, 2019 JICA sends 15 young Filipinos to study disaster management in Japan
October 10, 2019 JICA, DOH team up in fighting rabies in PH
October 4, 2019 JICA stresses seismic resilience in PH infra
September 30, 2019 Japanese company invests in new factory for low-protein rice technology in Tarlac
September 28, 2019 Travel to Japan for free: Japan’s ANA joins JICA in contest for video blogging on development issues that matter to Filipino youth
September 28, 2019 Filipino PWDs find ally in Japanese volunteers
September 23, 2019 JICA to bolster PH maritime safety with new technical cooperation with PCG
September 5, 2019 Japanese university shares expertise on boosting quality of life of diabetics in Metro Manila
September 2, 2019 Japanese teacher brings new approaches to math and science teaching in Leyte public school
August 21, 2019 JICA, OCD tie up to enhance disaster management in PH via new project
August 21, 2019 ACTION, DSWD, JICA conclude capacity-building project for social workers and house parents of disadvantaged children
August 21, 2019 Bangsamoro energy sector receives support from Japan
August 2, 2019 JICA sends 20 young Filipino professionals to study in Japan
August 2, 2019 Filipino trainee brings home memories of disaster training in Japan, meeting Japanese godparent
August 2, 2019 Two state universities get support from Japanese volunteers on boosting technical skills, employability of students
August 2, 2019 Young Japanese volunteers stress importance of disaster management in PH
August 1, 2019 JICA-assisted water treatment rehabilitation project in Pangasinan seen to close water quality gap in rural areas
August 1, 2019 JICA, MTIT industry clustering project in Mindanao eyed to lure investors, create jobs in conflict areas
July 25, 2019 JICA joins PH Science and Technology Week to share Japanese research, SME innovations
July 25, 2019 Japan holds disaster response trainings and marine pollution exercises in PH
July 25, 2019 JICA invites young Filipinos to video blog on JICA and Philippine partnership; winner to travel to Japan
July 16, 2019 JICA joins DOTr, railway stakeholders' inspection of ongoing railway projects
July 16, 2019 JICA-assisted P778M flood control project in Tagoloan River inaugurated
July 16, 2019 JICA study on blue carbon ecosystems zeroes in on mangroves' role in disaster resilience in the Philippines
July 8, 2019 JICA: Investing in human resources development has role towards sustaining PH economic future
July 8, 2019 Davao LGU, DPWH personnel take cue from Japan's flood control model
July 8, 2019 JICA launches new project to boost capacity building, livelihood in Mindanao during transition to Bangsamoro government
June 26, 2019 JICA lauds Philippines for transport infra priorities, cites role in attracting investments
June 3, 2019 JICA holds workshop on analysis of PH Food Value Chain to identify new areas for cooperation
May 15, 2019 Japanese expert cites role of PCG trainings in PH maritime safety and security
May 15, 2019 JICA backs enhancing capacity of LRT-1 to address transport demand, ease traffic congestion
May 15, 2019 Negros' Victorias City finds inspiration from agri-ecotourism model of Japan's Nanjo City in Okinawa, builds Okinawa House to lure tourists
April 29, 2019 JICA vows continuing support to Philippine industrial human resource development to boost auto industry
April 29, 2019 JICA's Japanese volunteers back local manufacturers towards becoming globally competitive
April 22, 2019 JICA, PH kick off installation of LRT2 electro-mechanical system to boost train capacity, benefit Filipino commuters
April 8, 2019 JICA cites gov't partners after winning top honors at Mission: PHL Envoys & Expats Recognition Awards


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