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Press Release

February 7, 2022

The first JICA Chair Seminar in Saint Lucia under the theme of Educational Development and Modernization in Japan and Lessons for Saint Lucia

On 7th February 2022, in collaboration with the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC), JICA Saint Lucia held a seminar as part of JICA's initiative called "JICA Chair, JICA Program for Japanese Studies", to present an opportunity to study Japan's modernization and development experiences. A special lecture titled ‘Educational Development in the Modernization of Japan ’ was delivered by Dr. Nobuko Kayashima, Senior Research Advisor to the JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development. Dr. Kayashima talked about the reasons why great emphasis was placed in human resource development and a universal educational system during the early stages of Japan's modernization and how it made it possible for a wide range of people, not just the upper class of the country, to participate and contribute to the development of Japan. Dr. Kayashima also referred to the characteristics of Japan's educational cooperation. She said Japan's assistance placed emphasis on human resource development, by utilizing Japan's own experience and localizing it so that it can be adapted to the recipient country's context, thus helping to encourage ownership by the recipient country.

Dr. Kayashima's lecture was followed by a proactive question and answer session which allowed students of the college to ask about the differences between the Japanese and western educational systems and the TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) education structure and people's perception on TVET education in Japan.

The seminar was well received with over 50 participants including SALCC students and faculty members, ministry officials, and His Excellency Tatsuo Hirayama, Ambassador of Japan to St. Lucia.

In his remarks, Ambassador Hirayama emphasized that although there is no single model that fits everyone's needs, learning about others' experiences would certainly help one to deepen one's understanding of what is required to improve upon the education system. He wishes that the lecture would promote, and heighten people's interest in Japan. Acting Principal of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Dr. Merle St. Clair Auguste, welcomed the initiative and expressed that the college is committed to strengthening its relationship with JICA and hopes that the seminar will be the first of many which will allow people from St. Lucia and Japan to learn about and from each other. In response to that, Mr. Hiroyasu Tonokawa, Chief Representative of JICA Saint Lucia Office, mentioned that JICA would like to continue the collaboration with SALCC.

In St. Lucia, JICA has been providing assistance to the education sector by utilizing the volunteer modality. Forty (40) % of 255 volunteers dispatched to St. Lucia since 1995 have served to assist in primary education, vocational training, curriculum development, and inclusive education. In addition, JICA has received more than 258 trainees from various ministries to participate in the training programs that support human resource development and resolving socioeconomic issues in St. Lucia.

Photos from Lecture

PhotoDr. Nobuko Kayashima

PhotoDuring the seminar

PhotoScreenshot of the participants

PhotoMr. Kurt Harris, Acting Vice Principal, Dr. St. Clair Auguste, Acting Principal, Mr. Hiroyasu Tonokawa, Chief Representative JICA St. Lucia


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