(1) JICA's Cooperation for Disaster Risk Reduction: Disaster Resilient Society for ALL

(2) Japan Brand ODA: Contribution to Build a Disaster Resilient Society: Bosai: Disaster Risk Reduction

(3) Policies and Actions for Gender and Diversity in Disaster Risk Reduction

(4) JICA's Eco-DRR Cooperation in Developing Countries

(5) Cooperation on Disaster Management in Latin America

(6) 8STEPS Practical Method for Developing Local DRR Strategies/ Plans


Japan's Experience in the Earthquake and Seismic Sector

JICA's Cooperation for Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Experiences and Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan


Project Report

Materials for JICA training programs

JICA is developing various training materials with the cooperation of disaster risk reduction organization in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

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