Message from the President

Japan is the very first country and still is one of the very few countries that has modernized from a non-Western background to establish a free, democratic, prosperous, and peace-loving nation based on the rule of law, without losing much of its tradition and identity. I firmly believe that there are quite a few aspects of Japan's experience that can be shared with developing countries today.

In addition, Japan has contributed to the economic growth in Asian countries through its Official Development Assistance (ODA), and has been sharing the knowledge and enhancing activities in other regions. Based on our experience and knowledge, I firmly believe that Japan can act as a leading country on development studies throughout the world.

JICA Development Studies Program (JICA-DSP) invites future leaders from partner countries to Japan, and offers them the opportunity to learn about Japan's modernization and development experiences, which differs from those of Europe and the U.S., and its wisdom as a country that provided cooperation toward the progress of developing countries after World War II.


This program was launched as one of the Japanese government's official programs related to the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration in 2018.

JICA-DSP is co-organized by various universities in Japan and JICA for the participants from partner countries. This program offers participants an opportunity to study the respective academic fields in master's or doctor's degree courses at Japanese graduate schools, and to deepen the understanding of Japanese development experiences.

Through this program, I hope that participants will gain a deep understanding of Japan, so that they may use this knowledge to contribute to the development of home countries. Also, it is my great expectation that participants will play a significant role as a leader in the respective fields after their return, fostering a long lasting bilateral relationship between each respective country and Japan.

I am looking forward to welcoming your participation in JICA-DSP.

KITAOKA Shinichi
Special Advisor to the President (former President)
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)